Is God A Complete Lie?

What most people don’t realize…is that God could be a complete lie.  People are willing to be mindless sheep heading to the slaughter house for a philosophy that is force fed to them on a daily basis, without question. Why would you follow a religion that doesn’t completely encompass your whole of beliefs. If you’re able to pick and choose what you believe from the bible because you don’t believe in a few things, how can everything else you decide to accept be true. This is a subject I will explore in future posts.

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  1. interesting. this is something that I have found to be true. People who pick and choose are wrong and ignorant. People who believe in God and make God look as he appears to them…. are ignorant too. People who don’t believe in God because other people are ignorant, are ignorant as well.

    the existence of God is not based on the existence of ignorance in humanity.

  2. Nothing up there but sky
    ’cause God is a lie
    You don’t have a soul
    You just lay in a hole
    No heaven, no hell
    You just rot and smell
    I love pumpkin pie
    …and GOD IS A LIE!!!

    • I completely agree. I use to spend my existence praying and hoping that there is a God. But the reality is there is no God. The world is full of war, horror, health issues, and yet God sees this and there is no end to it.

      • There is no god, everything is god. “god” is just a misundestanding. God is much more like the Taoist Tao and the Zen word suchness. There is no entity called god, everything is god. Most of the cristian concepts are based on misunderstandings. Like the word Sin, Sin has nothing to do with good or bad, right or wrong, or any form of judgement. Sin is just being uaware of your true form, of god within, of your true being. Being sinfull, or unaware only leads to “wrong” since then you are guided by your ego. Your actions might or will be based on fear. Acceptance is the way. When you accept everything before it happens, then you have peace and then you will know god.

      • Right. God is supposed to be omnipitant, all knowing, and powerfull, and yet the best plan that he/she/it could come up with was to let a bunch of bozos nail his “beloved” son to a cross. Not too impressive by even my humble standards. How anxious should we really be to “put our faith and trust” into that for our families and selves? Now lets take the great big consolidated book of contridictions, exaggerated claims, and false promises, the Bible. This “book” has been rewritten how many times by different HUMANS? Under how many different regimes? With how many variations? Countless. And every one believes that theirs is the only correct one. And the more fanatically they believe, the more anxious they are to kill anyone else with a different view of the “invisible man in the sky” than theirs. PRAISE GAWD!! Yea, right. If God exists, something about piss poor planning? Dont you think that if God really existed and we are all so precious, and God loved us, that at sometime within the last two thousand years or so he/she/it would speak up and say something along the lines of “Whoa! Hold up. Perhaps a little clarification is in order….”? Hmmm? Right. He knows the # of hairs on our heads, He knows when the smallest sparrow falls from the sky, blah, blah blah. Really? Looked around this world of ours lately? Where is he/she/it? Any person who behaved in a manner that the bible thumpers God does would be incarcerated, or institutionalized with the criminally insane. IF it exists, then it is only logical to conclude that he/she/it likes things the way they are. Worship that!?!? It makes more sense to me that if all that was for real, old Lucifer got tossed not for trying to take over, but for speaking up and saying “You know “Lord”, if you werent such a petulant child, they might like you alot more down there…” And he would have been 100% CORRECT! He/she/it eithr can, or cannot. Does, or does not. And Will, or wont. Cant have it both ways as seems to be the case whenever something in the “Good Boook” is questioned. Wasted years on “faith”. B.S. Religion is all aboutbthe collection of $. Dont believe that? Why is tthe vatican covered in gold? Educate yourselves.. Read up on papal edicts. The Medici era. All about the money and controll of the population boys and girls. God is a coc$^ucke*!

    • I would like to know what is up there ? From a 100% Atheist

  3. Of course god is a lie. People from the ancient days were so caught up in chaos and disorder that they needed something to shake up the Romans, so they invented god, as a lie. But as the saying goes: a good lie is one you believe yourself. They were stuck believing in something that does not exist. all through history the Vatican has kept this secret form the people, aas it is a secret that only the Pope knows and he uses it to exploit the believers. All these people who say that they would die for god, they dont understtand that once you eliminate this lie, you free the world. Only by letting go of the past can you move forward into the future. “Now witness the end of an age. Hope dies in hands of believers, who seek the truth in a liar’s eyes.”

    • completely agreed. its sickening to watch people stoop to the level of kneeling before something that just isnt there.

      • sickening you find that sickening, What is sickening is you going through your life with no true assurance of anything

      • Come-on, Bob. Do you expect everyone to buy into your little book of fairy-tales?
        Faith implies you believe without knowing if what they’ve told you is the truth. And since that is the case, then the one with no real assurance of anything is you.

      • A very good point – cross themselves and eat bread (Christs body) and sip pop (Gods blood) I have no time for symbolism – it’s a way
        of covering up a lie.

    • Agreed. I am an atheist, and that is actually the conclusion i came to myself. If the Pope actually knows, i think he holds it back not to exploit the believers, but if he did reveal it, millions of people would be devastated if they even believe the Pope at all, and hundreds of people would probably kill themselves because they would think they had no more purpose in life.
      I also agree with mightyhand, i also find it very disturbing that people devote their entire lives to something that doesn’t exist, though i understand why, it’s cause they were raised with the lie and thus they believe it. I am myself baptised, but thank freedom, thank todays society, thank FUCK i was never raised in a religious family.

      • Thank something for freedom of thought and not to be imprisoned in
        ones own mind. To be impregnated with the ‘god is good’ dogma and
        have young people’s destinies forced on them, is SINFUL

  4. Well I can’t realy say, but what I will say is ok he may be a lie, a fake or just plain imagination but he has bought faith, love and hope to the world. But on the othere hand we wouldn’t need it if the bibble had not been found. So I do not know, if anyone has any othere ideas please email me @
    Thank you

    • U need to add a few things to the list of what faith have done. War,Death at least if not more

    • Another person impregnated from birth with the ‘god is good’ dogma
      and robbed of freedom of thought and have their destiny imposed on
      them. Blatently sinful. What has ‘god’ The Pope, Priests and
      Preachers done to make Earth a better place on which to live ?
      With Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Hostility etc rampant, the answer is
      the contrary. Don’t blame people – they were ‘created, with minds
      that allow them to sin for a ‘ghost’ that ‘oversees, without action.

  5. God is no lie.. if you drop the can and someone saw you.. he will ask.. who did this.. there is a cause and effect. and. you , where did u come from? from you parents . where did your parent come from from their parents.. etc. if u analys things , their is an cause. like the world , who did the solar system? it doesn’t just pop out! there is some one who made it. and that is God. and there is God , holy spirit and Son . i call it tri – unity its like 3 persons in 1 body..

    • i think you need to read a book my friend ……you are a uneducated fool as are many that have spoken in such a way maybe you should think about killing your self to be closer to your god

      • if we do kill ourselves as you suggest then God would have had no purpose to put us in this earth we are here to minister to unbelievers like you. If we commit suicide then are purpose is unfulfilled

    • then where did god come from? If god didn’t create man to worship him would he even exist? The only thing wrong with our planet is the human race. Condoms and the “day after pill” should be free.
      You want to reverse global warming? Stop giving dolls to little girls.
      You want to stop the destruction of our planet? Get rid of this “god given right” bullshit.

      • God did not come from anything he is eternal and everlasting. you are just so arrogant that you cannot see anything else other than what is right in front of you.

      • Personally I have the same question that has remained unanswered. What the he’ll was god doing before he made us, if he did in fact make us? Or how about how messed up our planet is, he’s just sitting on his ass not doing a damn thing. What the he’ll?

      • God was ‘born’ as a figment of the imagination through thought in
        the mind. I am 86, have little funds but feel contentment. Have read
        what believers have to say, I do not understand their words and we
        live on different planets. Come down to earth and free yourselves of
        imprisonment in your own minds and instill more happiness.

    • i dont belive in god or science cuz both cant be proven and that whole 3 person one body thing
      prove it
      ur reply:the bible
      me:dont give me that crap

    • God is obviously a lie. you can find the proof yourself by doing your own research, but before you start you must put aside all your brainwashed notions that you have been indoctrinated with, since birth and learn to use your brain as it was inrended..
      I suggest you start with Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” and ” The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins”
      And if you think the Bible is “The word of God” I suggest you actually research who actually wrote the bible and why the 27 books in the new testament were chosen by men with their own personal agenda, and why they discarded the rest of the written texts and gospels which were around at the time. Many of the stories in the bible differ in lots of details, showing that they were written by mere mortals and not by God. whom I presume would have got his facts straight.
      The more you study the Academic side of religion, the more you will realise what a fool you have been.

      • Yes, you are completeley right. These books were written by men, who are Falabel and wrote what they felt at that time. And how can we be created in his image, when he is obviously an omnipitant being that exists in a different corporal form!!!!!

      • A very good point – cross themselves and eat bread (Christs body) and sip pop (Gods blood) I have no time for symbolism – it’s a way
        of covering up a lie.

      • Get a bible, read Ezequel and his Chariot of Fire, while doing it, use a pencil and paper and draw what is described, a space shuttle and the “spirit of god” wearing a “safe” made out of bronze..Genesis: “lets create men…” not one god, but many individuals. read the sumerian tablets (4000 yrs BC) showing our galaxy, our planets, the sun, how would they knew we were the 7th planet and there was planet X?
        Virgin Mary, Yes she got pregnant without a man, that is called “artificial insemination”
        Our blood/ Genes, we are Genetically ingineered by extra terrestrials, we share chromosomes that belong to the monkey and others unknown, our different types of blood have different levels of the genetical alteration.
        “God gave men the freedom to choose between right from wrong”.. seen 3 months babies raped, they dont had a choice, they were not paying for their sins! children with cancer,
        Think, if we were made at god s image and…why are we so destructive and evil? men are the only specie that kiss FOR PLEASURE. because we share two different dna s…that s why some are different among each others…God our heavenly father is not coming to help you when pray…he would not reward your good actions….we are placed here in a jungle, where we cannot expect nothing for free to fall from above…

        I respect those who believe, I think believing creates a comfy mattress to comfort when shit strikes ! if they are happy, is god s will, if someone killed their kids, it was god s will…
        me, I wondered what kind of god, having the power to prevent all this stays deaf, mute and un-animated

    • God cant be here. First of all, u are arrogant to believe that god is real, that is the same as believing in any kind of tale,like santa clause. If god exists there is no telling that santa clause isn’t here nether. u have the same proof for both, witch is none! You only have things disproving that they both exsist, U can find so many examples where what it says in the bible cant be true, found out but science, and we all know that science is true. if u dont believe in science then there is no reason to go to school and have about physics, math or any other “science” class, for they are not real even though that u cant test and see if they are real. U cant do that with god, u can never ever proof 100% that he is here.

    • Sorry Anthony, but god is a lie. Can you provide solid evidence that this so-called god even exists?

      “If you dropped a can and someone saw you…he’d ask….who did this?”
      Cause and effect? Please.

      I’m wondering if you had taken your medications before typing that incoherent rant. LMAO!

    • look up Stephen hawking he shows how the universe was made in fact it’s still becoming bigger and bigger by the second

    • lol. its just chemical reactions! there is nothing such as soul! once we map the human brain, we will be able to clone better humans. and we will create humans. then would you call we are god?

    • Big bang theory, look into it.

  6. Well..god was it always be an explanation for the unkown since the ancient times when people didn’t why some stuff happened they say that it was god..thats why they had loads of for, night, sun, rain, sea,sky and earth..and so on..then the church start using “god” for their own gain and well..they did a hell of a job..Still I find hard to believe how can people now-a-days still think that a “god” existes..are they afraid to think we are here alone and theres no one above to protect them?people should start thinking for themselves..because the only way we know about this “god” its by other people..which means they don’t believe in god..they believe in what those people believe..sorry about my english tho.

  7. this is a great topic to me im not sure because thats what everyone is not sure no one can be 100% sure he is not there and no one can be 100% that he is not there

  8. how can soom one who beleves in “god” tell there own kid that their imanginary frend is not real wen they take that same kid to chuch and preach god to them wat a joke!!!!!

  9. GOD has always been a thing of is it possible to have the ONE ..the TRUE GOD now..why people 3.000 years ago were wrong? How is there GOD/s any different..

    COME ON! GOD is the biggest business in the WORLD for 2000 years and still goes is it possible for the churches to be so rich when by giving their riches (without any help from the state reserves) can actually solve poverty..where is GOD? you must be kidding right..?

    It is some businessmen doing some clever business..that’s all..!

    • Do you know why it is the biggest business in the world ? Because
      babies born into religious families have their minds impregnated with
      the ‘god is good’ dogma, are denied freedom of thought and their
      destinies are forced on them. A massive sin. Shame on the
      believers. I am plad to be an atheist because I have freedom of thought and feel at ease in my mind,

  10. I think God being a lie cocentrates on your point of view. ex. if God WAS a lie How did some one come up with the Bible? the bible in so many ways relate on our daily life i can’t say im a hard core christian but whoever created us and this world created us in a way we need something to be the ultimate Leader we Need someone to lead s many of us are like shep so even if many believe God is a lie we must not Forget the Fact that we need someone like God to tell us what to do. I believe that SOMEONE has to keep that Divine position and Many people everyday look for a meaning and EVEN if God is a lie LET’S NOT DELETE that last hope that somewhere someone cares or is watching over us. I also think that there are a loooootttttt of gaps in the Bible, and OTHER religoius books and that the power this books hold is to covince you to believe them. Lets Not forget many people have found Hope in Many Gods What have we to say to them? The Jehovah witnesses the Muslims the beleve SOlely iin their God. I frankly think Catholiscm and Christianty is a JOKE many people say they are Christians but if you measured their devotion to that of Muslims Buddhims and such you find A Large Diffrence. I am not saying to blindly follow some God but i know many of us believe there is a special force out there and you have to find what YOU think is that Special Divine Force.

    • The bible was written by people of doubtfiul standing and after 2000+
      years, much water has gone under the bridge and we know that
      time changes circumstances. The tale about God,Noah and the Ark
      is a prime example of a vivid imagination of a story teller who were
      very popular in the BC era.


    God is real,We are all God.Every single living thing in the world is god.We are all connected,by the fabric of time.I live your life,you live mine.We are the grass,the trees,the birds,ourselves.We are one,our bodies,capsouls of fabric and time itself,our paths,our future is chosen.Time will NEVER stop due to the past,yet will stop in the future.I or We created life to test the skills of Life and life itself.The Word ,”God”,and “Bible” were made by us back in the past.We sought of peace and gave the blind a lie, a lie that brings peace.But there is no such thing as peace,for peace is everything.There is nothing wrong with killing someone,its survival,some of us see to it sa joy,or a oppurtunity.(dont recomend it due to the laws and regualtions we have made.).Have you ever been in a pyschos body ,thinking its a joy to be pyscho?Yes you have,for you are him,and he is you.The Pope is a lier,a ignorant person who believes in a false god.Yet we are the Pope and the Pope is us.When we die,we dont disappear,we continue living,living as everything.Did you know your sister is you,and you are your sister.Our Habitat,Our sociabilty,our traits.Those are what makes us different,not our souls.we are shaped by the essence of time and obstacles,and other living things THAT MAKES US DIFFERENT.Otherwise,why would there be life?Did you ever notice that you arent whole,that your made up of Billions and Billions of organisms.We are all one,we multiply,yet we stay as one.Our words,are speeches,they are just sounds,sounds that mean something to us.Did you know that you are fat and skinny,that your athletic and non athletic,gothic or joyful.You have been all that,you have done all that.Time repeats its self,yet you dont notice.There is no heaven,no hell.What happens to the people who werent introduced to god?the babies who died,the animals?they just cant go to hell,That isnt godly now is it?what about the animals killing themselves,its survival.Why wouldnt they go to hell?I mean if i killed someone it would be consider to the blind as a sin,but what about the animals?The people reading this are meant to read this as this is meant to be read by you,by me.We are all One,connected by different timezones and demensions,from the cells,to the humans,we have one purpose, To Live.

  12. if god truly existed, do you think the world would be the place it is today? where are the divine manifestations or the miracles? people ar dying needlessly and they expect us to believe that so omnipotent being is watching, judging and protecting? that is harder believe than the apparent fact that the entire population of the earth, all 60 billion of us, came from 2 people that had only 2 sons. the bible says incest is a sin and I beleve that but how can two people with 2 sons possibly populate the world. and frankly if we were created by god, why are we all so flawed? we succumb to greed and hatred and peope are killed by muggers over i pods and little pieces of paper. if god truly exists, he has failed miserably

  13. i am a Muslim, i have a god , i live in the view of god , god help me if i ask, god create the whole world, and it will be gone one day. i did not see the god , god did not talk to me, all the books and every thing i learned about god did not help me to know god . but i really believe in god. i can not live without of god . i found god inside of my mind . it is something very strong . some times i am really in doubt about god but on that time i know i am wrong. i can not just wake up morning , just eat and fuck like animal . if god existed or not i really need it not for god but for myself. it is part of me. if you just want to find god just think inside not pure physically ; physically and mentally . i do not religion to have god . i just need it . while any religion that make sense to you it is OK. just believe in something that we can call it god or any thing . it really feels good. i can not believe that i do not have soul or anything that you can name it. to make it simple just think about when you sleep and you have dream . one day you gonna go to sleep and living in your dream and never come back . i do not what else can i say but any way take it easy, many thing demonstrate god to me so i do not try deny it because god make me perfect

    • you are an idiot

    • You found god, you say. Were you not born into a religious family
      and had your mind impregnated with the God dogma. You would be
      robbed of the freedom of thought and have your destiny forced on
      you. You are a prisoner in your own mind. I feel sympathy for your
      plight. Hope you have a contented stay with the Ghost.

  14. I guess we’ll all know after we die… Unless there is no God. Then we’ll all be dead and no will know anything, because there will be no more consciousness of anything… Unless there is a God. Then something might happen. Then there might be a heaven,and there might be a hell, and we might be stuck in heaven/hell for eternity. Whatever. I’m here (alive) now, and for this moment, that’s what counts.

  15. we do not have to argue that god is a lie. It is simple truth that religion is just there to explain things. Many people believe in things which are not true. God is not a lie, but simply does not exist!

  16. Also Favour earlier wrote, “I think God being a lie cocentrates on your point of view. ex. if God WAS a lie How did some one come up with the Bible?” I have to say that since the supposed 0ad birth of christ, the bible has been written, rewritten and translated so many times it will have lost its meaning. By the way the bible was written about 200 years after the supposed death of the “son of god”. the bibble is just a money making scheme by the church.
    If god did exist then why have so many of his chosen people, Jews and christians, died in holy and non-holy wars. ANSWER ME THAT>.


    • God is not the problem with our earth it is us as humans bowing to Satan. You say there is No higher deity yet you bow down to one every day. Satan is your leader and he is getting people like you to influence young children in a way that will eventually destroy you all in the end will die. and to answer your question arcani many people have died unholy deaths. But they charged forward toward death with a knowing in there hearts that no matter what happens to them they will be with there maker in the end. They do not fear death nor do I because of the hope God has given for a better life. Though i will not commit suicide for it is written in the bible that it is an abomination to the Lord. If you commented about people dying in wars because a relative of yours died as a Christian in a war I will tell you that he/her was surely not afraid of death. But more likely afraid that you would rebuke God because of his/her death. You will say that God is not anywhere right now and that he has forsaken this world and you but is say surely not. He is knocking on the door of your souls but you are too selfish too allow him in. You cannot bow before God because you hold your self to high esteemed to surrender your life to another being. But still you bow to Satan thinking that he will give you freedom. But all he is doing is shackling you to a brick wall and turning your life into a living hell. It is not God’s doing that your life is miserable it is your own. Psalms 139 proof that God knows who we are and that he loves us

      1 O LORD, you have searched me
      and you know me.
      2 You know when I sit and when I rise;
      you perceive my thoughts from afar.

      3 You discern my going out and my lying down;
      you are familiar with all my ways.

      4 Before a word is on my tongue
      you know it completely, O LORD.

      5 You hem me in—behind and before;
      you have laid your hand upon me.

      6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
      too lofty for me to attain.

      7 Where can I go from your Spirit?
      Where can I flee from your presence?

      8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
      if I make my bed in the depths, [a] you are there.

      9 If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
      if I settle on the far side of the sea,

      10 even there your hand will guide me,
      your right hand will hold me fast.

      11 If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me
      and the light become night around me,”

      12 even the darkness will not be dark to you;
      the night will shine like the day,
      for darkness is as light to you.

      13 For you created my inmost being;
      you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

      14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
      your works are wonderful,
      I know that full well.

      15 My frame was not hidden from you
      when I was made in the secret place.
      When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

      16 your eyes saw my unformed body.
      All the days ordained for me
      were written in your book
      before one of them came to be.

      17 How precious to [b] me are your thoughts, O God!
      How vast is the sum of them!

      18 Were I to count them,
      they would outnumber the grains of sand.
      When I awake,
      I am still with you.

      19 If only you would slay the wicked, O God!
      Away from me, you bloodthirsty men!

      20 They speak of you with evil intent;
      your adversaries misuse your name.

      21 Do I not hate those who hate you, O LORD,
      and abhor those who rise up against you?

      22 I have nothing but hatred for them;
      I count them my enemies.

      23 Search me, O God, and know my heart;
      test me and know my anxious thoughts.

      24 See if there is any offensive way in me,
      and lead me in the way everlasting.

      • Do you realize how many people depended, had faith, and believed GOD would cure them of a terminal illness, or help them conceive a child or do many many promises in the bible if you just have the faith of a mustard seed? WOW, Of all seeds in the world, the mustard seeds takes the very least of all to grow and flourish….so God is saying in the bible that (his word not man’s) that as long as you have just a little bit of faith, you can move mountains and all his promises of good health, wealth, love and all the good things in life are yours…..well……..gotta tell ya the truth, been a christian all my life and always been around other christians and all I can say is that I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE PROMISE IN THE BIBLE COME TO PASS ON EARTH TODAY AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PEOPLE OR THEIR FAITH….The bible just doesn’t work like the word says it does….AND THAT MY FRIEND IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE NOLONGER BELIEVE.

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about!

      • For Babies to be raised in a Religious family and have their minds
        impregnated with ‘god is good’ dogma and denied freedom of
        thought and have their D estiny forced on them, is blatantly sinful.
        You live on another planet. Get real and come down to Earth and free
        yourselves from the imprisonment of your own minds.. Instill some
        contentment into your lives.

  17. Lets keep this simple. If there is to be a divine god who is all seeing and believing – then how was Lucifer ever created in the first place, and how did Noah’s Ark occur?

    It continuously says within the bible, that god knows what will happen at the end, and what will happen with each of our lives. Taking this into consideration, how was Lucifer ever created by god in the first place?

    God being all seeing and believing would have known that he was creating evil, and that it would end in the result of hell being created. If god is supposed to be the goodness of us, and made us in his own image, he must also be as evil as lucifer.

    Noah’s Ark is impossible in every sense of the word, and unsuprisingly the least mentioned story by christians. In the bible it describes the ark to be of 450 feet in width, and 150 feet in length. If this is the case, it’s impossible for every creature upon the planet to be gathered and placed onto the ark, as there are over 3 million different species of worm, and particular animals only existed in warmer climates.

    The ark would have to be moved continuously to cater for the animals suited climate, making this an impossible voyage, being that nobody even knew where each creature was roughly located. Also, man didn’t understand the earth atall 2,000 years ago, only large gatherings of tribes were existent, and very poor types of technology was available.

    But christians say dinosaurs didn’t exist and are a lie, cavemen were never existent, and the earth is only 4,000 years old…

    Wake up! There are fossils that you can find in cliffe’s that’re over a million years old! What’re they fake?

    • All these books the bible, koran etc were written by some people with nothing much to do in the lives. They needed something shocking to rein in people to obey their commands and so they gave it the name of God and the words of God. If you think what is written in all these fiction books, is true then there is something really wrong with you.

    • i will go through each of you’re questions individually answering them. question 1. When God created Lucifer he created him for a purpose. he created him to give us the choice to follow lucifer or follow him sadly you are following lucifer. he did not want us to live like a robot
      question 2. the ark did hold every animal but not in the way you think. it could have held two worms, two cats, two dogs, it did not need every species of every animal.
      final question. i would like to meet the chrisitian who believes dinosaurs dont exist the bible even gives signifigant evidence to the creation of dinosaurs example i do not know the exact verse in job but just look up dinosaurs in the book of job. as for the million years part it is absolutely impossible for the earth to be a million years old, even science proves it the sun has been steadily shrinking as long as man has known. if the earth was a million years old then the sun would have destroyed it. Also what makes you trust scientist minds no man is perfect from dust on a dinosaur bone does not mean that it is a million years old. if you have questions contact me at

      • Okay bob, he didn’t want us to live like a robot yet either we act like one and do as hesays or we are punished with eternal damnation? Hahah. Or what makes us trust scientists? What makes you trust an omnificiant being?or the church itself? Just because a book that was written, 200 years after Christa death btw, just because a book says so doesn’t make it true(alluding to your dinosaur…dust) o and you could not have sounded more ignorant when you said if the earth was a million years oldthe sun would have destroyed it. Um the earth is 4.6 billion years old, and the sun is much older than that. There is no connection between the earth being so old thus the sun would destroy it.

      • anthony rich, please email me at josh thank you.

      • lastly how do you explain chariots and even an Egyptian pharaoh corpse found at the bottom of the red sea. did they fly in there magically. God never wants to punish anyone. He gives us the choice we are punished by are own doings.

      • I trust the church because they are guided by God not their own mind. As for the sun, even science disproves you anthony. The sun has shown patterns of becoming smaller at a steady rate ever since man had a telescope, thus the earth would have been destroyed if the earth were a billion years old. The sun would’ve burned it along with mercury and venus. Another thing, the Bible was written long before 200 years after Christ’s death. Take the dead sea scrolls, for example, they were found in a cave by evolutionists. Again please email me at

      • oh yes now i remeber the last thing i was going to say. You say dinosaurs were destryed by a giant meteor. Then tell me, anthony, how the bones are still intact and not shattered into many pieces.

    • The tale about God, Noah and the Ark is most ridiculous thing I have
      heard in 86 years of life. The runner-up is Homeopathy.

  18. arcani, following your posts and such i have to say something. Since God doesn’t exist but people still preach in his false name and insist he’s real it does mean he’s a lie because people are trying to pass off a non-existent being to fact when it truly isn’t is a deception and a lie.

  19. therefore god is a lie even though he doesn’t exist.

  20. I’ve been a christian before, and now hold strongly as an “agnostic”. There’s so many reasons I can’t list them all. I’ll try a few main ones.

    Religions assume their god(s) are perfect, all-knowing, all-powerful, can control time, lives, etc. If they are so perfect, why such a shitty world? Do the math. If you are Christian, you can blame Satan, but if God created everything he made Satan. Therefore, being all-knowing, he made sin, since he knew what Satan would do. Call it free will or whatever, but if God is real then by mainstream rationality he must have created sin as much as he did anything else.

    Where did God come from? You say the universe can’t just pop up from some big bang, so how does God pop up out of nowhere? This makes me think you really don’t have the answers after all. Most seem to say that he always existed. Really? What if I say all matter in the universe has simply always existed, without anyone creating it? How is that any different?

    Why do you really follow your god(s)? Is it because of the promise of a life after death, the fear of burning in hell, or because it is what your community accepts socially?

    Why do you accept your god(s) instead of other god(s)? Be honest with yourself about this.

    When it comes down to it, everyone has to be true to themselves. You could say I’m more on the agnostic/atheist side, but I do my best to compromise and co-exist with the religious as I hope they will with me.

    But please, if you are religious, especially Christian, ask yourself those tough questions. Don’t ignore them because you are scared of what you might find out. Don’t be afraid of the truth. You will be better off in the long run being able to back up what you believe in some way or another, or even changing your beliefs based on what you find.

  21. hey god is a lie.if god was really there where is proof???uh?.there are no miracles happening.can we see him? no

    • God is a Him? if there is a God concept at all it must be “it”. God has no penis and neither has it a vagina?

  22. What I would say is that all empires in history have failed at some point. There is only one superpower that has retained its grip over the people – the Church. Throughout history, the fear of God has been a useful tool in keping peasants and plebs in order, and earning priests money (If you want proof, I would cite the vatican; in the 1500s priests would charge people to confess)

    The lie is so good that even those that it was designed for now believe it. Luckily, in our modern world where we have the right to free speach and the practice any religion that we like (or not), we are ignoring religion more and more. I think that the church’s power is almost up – religion will simply fade as time goes on.


  23. GOD IS NOT REAL. If god were real, then everyone would know that god is real. Since god is not real, smart people know that god is not real and dumb and sheltered people believe it is real. Religion has sought for thousands of years to keep people beieving in god, so that religion will stay relevant and keep those in charge of it, in charge of it. How can you believe there is a man who rules the world and will punish you if you don’t follow religion? I guess there is, The Pope, but he can’t do anything if you stop buying into the bullshit, so do yourself and your fellow human beings a favour and wake up. There is no such thing as god, there is no place in the sky, THE EARTH IS MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD AND WE EVOLVED FROM OTHER SPECIES.

  24. I’m concerned by people in the world, several just in this disscusion, that seem to “need” god to tell them what to do. Those are people that can be USED. By who? The church, politicians, parents, teachers, etc. We all know how it can and often does work. I encourage people to to ask themselves why they believe what they believe. And “because your parents taught you” is not an answer. What if they were wrong? Not to argue the point. I’m just saying believe for your own reasons. Not somebody elses. But when you do that, when you apply logic to the question “Is there a god” the only possible answer is “I don’t know, but probably not”. Sorry fellas. You can argue till you’re blue in the face, and the bible is still a book written by men, and assembled from many different writtings by men that had their own angenda. The proof for a Biblical Interpratation of god is non exsistant.

  25. the belief of god is a corrupting force. When the Romans accepted Christianity, it was a significant part of the downfall of te Roman empire. And during the middle ages, things were terrible until the Renaissance and that was the period in time when people took off the emphasis on religion and started living the way they wanted to. And what do you know, they prospered without the influence of the priests who said that god wants you to donate your hard earned money to the church, but you won’t get anything for it, and if you don’t you’ll go t hell and suffer for eternity. God is a lie and has corrupted ad ruined lives throughout the ages.

  26. I don’t really know what to believe. But as I really think about it, I wonder, why are there so many religions? My family believes in christian, some catholic, buddist. What’s the right one? And then I read this link and had me really thinking… And..anyone can write stuff and brainwash us. I’m not saying if God’s real or not. But I’m confused….

    • Religious and Political Heirarchies are the prime cause of wars.
      What has ‘god’ the Pope, Preists and Preachers done to make the
      world a better place to exist. Look around and you have the answer.
      The contrary is the case.

  27. God did not create everyone equal if he exists. Some people are borned disabled, either mentally of physically. Some people are more beautiful than others. Some a smarter. Yet people say go creates people equally. Is that there i dea of Equality?

  28. grand lets say god is up there and we could see him,he points down at you or me and goes dont lie about that ,dont steal that ,dont hit that person it would get a bit flipping annoying. god leaves it up to us,people born handicapped ..i know people who are handicapped who are perfectly happy,lets say god makes everyone the same (that would be preety boring)why do you care?if you dont think there is no god why do you say,look at the unequality of everything , you are displaying emotion so you care?if there is no god everything is permitted.Where are these miracles?the beauty of life is the uncertainty.People die all the time and it hurts the ones who have lost that person,maybe death is a good thing.Charles darwin and the thoery of evoluton if that was discovered back in the christ days without the equipment and technology we have these days we would just be in much doubt of that as we are of the bible.EXPLAIN LOVE?EXPLAIN THE START OF THE UNIVERSE?EXPLAIN HUMAN EMOTION?im not a religous freak ,but atheism is just as bad as the powerful religions.Stalin killed so many under the name of communism,as a athiest would talk about the killings and wars under the name of relgion.
    sorry im bad at english and grammer

  29. If something is perfect, then it couldn’t possibly be better than it is; there can’t be anything better than perfection. This means that if a thing is perfect then it is impossible to imagine it being better than it is; there is nothing better than it is to imagine.

    If we think of God as being perfect—and perfection, remember, is part of the concept of God—then we must therefore think of God as a being that cannot be imagined to be better than he is. As St Anselm, the inventor of the ontological argument, put it, God is “that than which no greater can be conceived.”

    It is therefore impossible to conceive either of there being anything greater than God or of it being possible to imagine God being better than he already is.

  30. yeh man god is a lie,like where is he?look at the innocent people dying like?like the universe was made by itself .god making it?hhahaa yeh man yeh .who made god?mrs.god haha yeh rite.i believe in santa lol lol .when we die we go to heaven .hahaha yeh rite were just nothing man think about life after bum yeh rtite i pray for good things to happen to me nothing happens,jesus christ is santa for grown ups hahaha.god is in are hearts ,went for a scan there didnt see we came from monkeys didnt see them praying yeh hahahaha

  31. god hahaha how funny,im god worship me you know what i mean .virgin mary come on like .i masturbated loads of kids just there.they going to sperm heaven hahaha yeh rite .pray for my sperm lol olololol .lovin it.god is like big foot .john wayne cagey and ted bundy wernt evil neither was hitler like?why were they we see lions killing deer ,no different from hitler killing jews you know what i mean?who cares about it liike?we all end up nothing anyways.god like were are ya on holiday.YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

    • ok my previous posts have been about god beeing true or false. but im not a complete atheist. there may be something else,maybe aliens but not the kind you see in sci-fi programs. darrenkk you are starting to piss me off you dick (sorry 4 the language every one else but he is really out of order there is no need to say stuff like:
      SMITE ME ?

      its sooooooooooooo out of order

      im so sorry every1 else!!!!!
      im soooo annoyed i dont like people who are really rude about other peoples religion there is no need to be soooooooooooooo rude

      SORRY AGAIN EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!! =D =) =I =( =C



    SMITE ME ?


  36. God could be true or it could be fake

    we could look at god as a suspition,we could look at evolution as a suspition. There are no facts. I could argue for both sides.

    For god:
    something had to create us. Yes there were dinosaurs but what about before them, what was there. Even if Earth was a barren wasteland how did the dinosaurs come into earth? How was earth created?

    Against god:
    There is such good tech nowdays we can think about all the different ways we were created. If god was real, why would he create bad people? if god was real, why did he create us? is there a reson for us than to create War? because thats all we seem to do, Fight.

    For every thing we do there is someone else doing the exact same thing. As your reading this someone else is reading this. EVERYTHING we do has to options. Do you turn left do you turn right. Do you steal it or do you leave it.
    Do you buy it or do you save the money. Do you belive or dont you.

  37. by the way darrenkk i dont particuly believe but some people do your an ass if you are so idiotic. your obviously very very low if you have to say something like that. i agree with you i dont really believe in god but you dont go saying things like that coz there is some soldiers who are trained to kill believe in god i bet you wouldnt go up to a soldier and say “hitlers done more than you god” so your a right chicken to say it when no one no’s who you are, chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. DARRENKK is a chicken

  39. i agree CHICKEN!!!!!

  40. Hi, I’m 16, and a Buddhist by religion. And I do believe in one thing- God, does not exist. There simply isnt enough proof. However, Christianity and Catholism have strongly existed throughout the years due to one main factor in those who believe them~denial of self-realisation.

    In Christianity, it is said that God created the world. Wrong. The world was created by solar system dust matter.

    In Christianity, it is said that God is behind everything we do. Wrong. In Buddhism, one of the main teachings is that everything has a beginning and an end. Nothing lasts forever.
    For instance-

    1. You wanted to play NFS Undercover on your PS3. You wanted to play not because God wishes it, but because YOU wanted to do it. You play the game and like it and get the hang of it, not because God controls the car(or likes to race), but simply because YOU love playing it.

    2. Your close friend, suddenly dies in a tragic accident. He died not because God wanted him soon, but merely because everything has an end, and his life span was up. If he hadn’t got in to his car, would he have died? No. If he had stopped in time, would he have crashed? No. Every answer was a Yes in his case because he did those things. Remember-
    EVERYTHING THAT BEGINS, HAS AN END. Everything that starts, has to stop. It cannot go on forever.
    I mean, even our own Sun won’t last forever will it? Someday it’ll die out, and the world will cease to exist.

    Secondly, people who believe in God, believe that he/she will be sent to heaven/hell when he/she dies. Wrong. In my opinion, heaven or hell doesn’t exist. There isn’t sufficient proof!
    In Buddhism, it is said that once a person dies, he is reborn, based on the good or ill deeds he has done, in his past life. There is proof. Google it or Youtube it to find out for yourself.
    This explains the inequality in humans. Some are handsome, some are ugly. Some, rich. Some poor.

    The final conclusion is- Believing in something non-existent will do you more harm than good. Believe, in YOURSELF. Only YOU have the power to get out of a mess. Only YOU have the power to gain knowledge. Only YOU can make things happen, and make things go away. Only YOU can understand whether what you did is wrong, or right. Only YOU. Not some non-existent power.

    If you believe in yourself, there is NOTHING, you cannot achieve in life. =)

    P.S- Iam NOT trying to promote my religion in any way, but merely share some important facts in it, that will help me answer the statement above ‘Is God a complete lie?’, as my religion has no god.

    • hi Ninety3, as i said before on previous posts im not a complete athiest. dont take this the wrong way but i appreciate budduism but i personally cant decide wether its monopolyistic ( 1 thing to believe in) or polytheistic ( more than 1) Do you Know? if you feel uncomfetable answering this question i dont mind if you dont want to answer.

    • Yuck, you are just another idiot who thinks his way of thinking is divine………you think you are going to be reincarinated into a cow or a rat or some other animal when you die…you and everyone who thinks like you is a freak

  41. no body knows the fact it is a wast of time please dont mislead yourself by beliveing in some thing science cant find out where life came from and will never do why? as unknown who created us is smarter than all of us it dosnot like you and me know the fact

  42. i dont think its fair that people like darrenkk says such prickish things, have a look at my previous posts and notice that he hasnt sed anything after my comments he really is a chicken who dont have the balls to reply after hes been gunned down like that. If yr gonna say such nasty stuff at least have the balls (which u dont) to stick up 4 yr self…. he no’s hes in the wrong thats y!!!

    i am sorry 4 the language again!!
    😀 🙂 :I 😦 :C

  43. god is a figment of our imagination

    however, religion is (mostly) a positive thing, it causes security and stability, and causes people to live moral lives

    • Religion may make death easier to take, but Religious and Political
      Heirarchies are the prime causes of war. They say God made us
      all along with our minds which are uncontrolable by god. The ‘ghost’
      is a lie.

  44. God Is A lie. I dont believe that there is a god in this world who rules us, i think we are just the same as monkey’s(but we are a horrible kind of spieces) only we are a more evolved and brighter creatures. People say alot like we are supreme and we are better then all the animals on the world we are animals too, but we hate other people’s skin color and religion and we call those people: “another Race” but we are the same and people dont get that and if there was a god he maded een major failure : mankind

  45. The greatness of the world is that if so we can choose to believe and not to belive ,ive experienced alot of physical pain as of everyone and it does not come close to the heartache of losing someone you love …Hey goodbye never gonna see you again?I wake up and listen to the birds and its amazing .But thank you evolution for this wonderful life

  46. You do have life force. That is important so make it feel good by forgiving yourself for God forgives you anyhow. Get it. You may choose a path with no curves. Straight path which is yours from birth/existence -universe “um” um = mind/collection of thoughts. Absorb knowledge that you receive for 8281988 years. Maybe you have lived for many lives throughout cosmos. Read again… birth/existence -universe “um” um = mind/collection of thoughts. Don’t end it now -/fooled by ?

  47. Ya that wage war for sake of pride or paradise -might fail. Kill a creature; loose yourself. Eat one -um = x. Die at birth and live in realm 1; must die now. Snap its spine. 666? 6666? What man altered text? We must walk on fire for a portal might be the light.

    You afraid of man? Read their names backwards. Fire could be life force so grab with both hands.

    Do you for-see the past? Do you see all? This planet can take its own path. So dark in open space; one point = x but so much mass.

    Can you glide air? No I cant.

    Turn off everything/witch off whole place and press power buttons once again. It will shine those lights.

    What is whichcraft? Lies? …not. Fight it off by turning you bcak on it. 33x33x33(+)1 at the beginning.

    What you don’t believe in wont harm you.

    How far does life go? Are we in an illusion school? not. None of ya know how its like :(.

    Everything off before bed. No Electrons running around you to generate your body. Heal it when you/ya/he/she/sleep.

    Unplug one cable.

    Humans need major help from trustworthy!

  48. Is your genetic makeup going to survive?
    Why do you chase inferior. Turn 40 and then have a child. You waste roots for your head is a shell with one cell ‘n nerves grounding it. Your um exceeds once journey ends.

  49. Once birds leave, spirit rests. They communicate; how slow do i hear to hear it? I answered my own questions.

    Psych -/ Psiha

    Entete may not harm you.

  50. your head is a shell with one cell ‘n nerves grounding it. Life wished to see all ‘n spend time on it… Do you acknowledge your existence? Than focus on existence for it is all around you. You think/understand/action. Listen… Shhh… Air trough nose, eyes close, …listen to it… shhh… -know now how to move your life-force?

  51. I can explain energy and you will smile :).
    I can show knowledge.
    I can see lies, truth.
    I can see you.
    I posses ability to understand.
    I posses ability to sense.
    I posses ability to feel/care.
    I posses ability to heal.
    I posses ability to see/hear.
    I see 3.
    Try understanding a tree. Don’t harm it. It lives.
    Ants carry knowledge.
    How many colors on dyno-creatures.
    Misery comes from boredom. Heal it. Go read pyramids. Try looking with your hands.
    Knowledge is around you -absorb it.

    Sit in-front of a tree and communicate. Listen to it as it turns torts you.

    Go think unthinkable.

    Hey? Did you know that a black hole is a single atom full of electricity. Its filled with star power. Just matter as a battery.

    I know how to get it. Observe water drippings and then History. Empty space is similar to water. Lets get out ‘d pool.

  52. adin.hodzic – live ‘n hotmail
    hodzic.adin – hotmail ‘n live

  53. It is a paradise. You are not alone in it.

  54. Leaf as hair. Ya will pay when it gets late :). Figure that… Seed as product but in a much gentler/better way. Skip text.

  55. Word behind “God” could be false. People of knowledge. Psychologists. Prophets. Mind control? -hmm. Release fear, anger, hostility, impurities of punishment. Eat no living creature. That is Existence. I wish to burn on water. I don’t want to be put to rest.

  56. What is religion? Why submit if life goes back to origin. Is Lord/God/Master/Judge -Allah; straight or crocked waive path? Can I say that? Whats that black rock I fear inside Ka’Ba? Is that where darkness rests? Are you free or slave? Should you sell that, you may never buy it back. Some things are not for sale.

  57. Why do you pray before sunrise? Is it to send them back? We look ut at night and see no light. Invert this illusion to see light.

    They are all going back…

  58. Do you see light? It is a path. It will become only one single atom. Gravity as do not disturb sign. Don’t look at color for its an illusion. Many meanings, one true path. One path I walk today.

  59. No meat. You are humanoid. Nature is life, …for now.

  60. Snore water into nose… Leave chemicals alone. In-hail that fire for all day you may toke.

  61. Try filling two full hands of water and take it into your dome trough your nose. Wet your hair and you may not loose it. Learn how to stay young.

  62. Its just a habit. Kick it with your other branch. It’s just two days away. Live long and prosper. Look at your own genetic makeup and look for a partner. Seek what makes you happy and change what makes you fear the same. Don’t give away your child for that is your best/ultimate/best friend. You control genetic outcome when in worm love. Look into each other and imagine love. You can communicate by just a look. Be open minded all day -everywhere.

  63. If you read it, you will understand it. Your life can change if you understand yourself at once. Every human is beauty, love. Just let that beauty and love play fair life/game. You don’t need shiny objects to say “Love” & “Taken”. Let him/her speak. Truth only. Honesty. Integrity. Self awareness of actions being committed. Understanding without emotions is a opposite judgment. Earth is a seed. Help it live first and ya shall en-dour an age. Water is a substance and an element.

  64. Good day and wishes to find your path.

    Look close. You may already be walking the right path.

  65. if x = 0 than 0 = x? Weird?

  66. ill try to keep this short and sweet. Look up to the sky a wonderful blue sky so peculiar and wonderful and stitched in a way that every little detail is expressed. Look at a grasshopper, long legs to jump in the air and soar through the air. An intricate being with no mistake. Look at your own watch, open it up. Do you think that a watch could have thrown itself together by chance. No there is a creator behind the watch. Now look around you like a watch could all this just throw itself together, no there is a creator but our creator is everlasting and eternal. email me if you want to talk at

    • ok now do us a favour and prove that a god made all this then? And dont say the bible because that might aswell be placed with the childrens storybook section

      • Thank you so much at least someone know’s what he/she’s talking about!

  67. All religions are lies,all god’s are lies. The afterlife is a lie, reincarnation is a lie. When you die you will not exist because who you are is within your brain. But i know there will always be religion because people have their reasons. If you killed all the religion today, there would be a hundred more tomorrow.

  68. Religion is founded on belief in some fictional story. Thus, religion is tacitly a lie. Science is founded on facts that can be demonstrated with experiments. Science tells us the truth. People believe in lies because they are told lies when they are very young and don’t know how to find out the truth for themselves. Religion is a meme that spreads by lies. When people wake up and realize that all of the advances made by man are based on scientific facts, they will give up the ghosts of religion and live for themselves. I find it odd that people use modern network technology to try and spread their dead lies of religion.

  69. God is real people!!! Just look around you, do you think that this wonderful world can just exist randomly? No way, it is the work of the wonderful God, oh God the wonderful God!!!

    Let me give you guys an example:

    Let’s say people were pots, now there will be all sorts of pots, round ones, short ones, ones with big holes and others with small holes, some might even be bowels.

    So did these pots just appear out of nowhere? No, they were made by a pottery man. Now I think all you people can agree that the Pottery man the God of all the Pots? But wait, God is the Pottery man, and we are his pots…

    see God is not a lie

    • My baby brother saw this on my lap top and started crying in fear you asshole! Leave children alone!

  70. Thank you for reading my comment above =) I trust it will change your opinions a bit

  71. It is rather amusing to read all of the different opinions on this site!

    I would like some feedback from those who beleive they are real chrsitians please.

    If god created the world as we know it. Obviously he made the rules that go along with it right? He then sacrificed his son to save us from our sins. According to HIS rules. How is it a sacrifice if he forced the situation upon HIMSELF?

    Another issue I have which I would like clarity on. Recently I have had very religious a loved one pass away from cancer, He suffered for years, more than you care to imagine and was begging for YOUR god to take him in the end. When he finally passed, suddenly we must give thanks to god for taking away his suffering, Where the FUCK was your god when he was suffering?

    where was this god when cancer came in to existence? His world, his rules……………..or does he suddenly not have power to change things like this? or is it acceptable for him to punish innocent people?

    My mom is currently being destroyed by a very rare condition where she is going through intense pain every day, there is no cure available and it will eventually kill her after many more years of suffering………..where is your god?

    A friend committed suicide a few years back. At the church service the priest mentioned how their is a place for every person in gods kingdom and that this guy is now in a better place. WHAT A BUNCH OF HIPPOCRATES!!!!

  72. my mistake my email is

  73. God is not exactly a lie, per se. He’s more of a myth that is slowly going the way of Zues, Thor, Mithras, Isis and all the other gods of days long past. Because people are learning, if they want anything done/improved here they’ve got to get off their knees and actually DO something.

    You can pray for something all you like, but it’ll never get done if all you ever do is pray. Two hands actively working to effect change are worth two million folded in prayer.

  74. Who is more believable?? The easter bunny or god?? I;m going with the bunny. He doesn’t sit by and watch humanity in turmoil.

  75. I have tried to believe there is a higher power, but have failed to see the light. We’re on our own people. You’re born and then you die. Make the most of it. No one but you is responsible. Forget helpfrom above, it WILL NOT HAPPEN.

  76. Bunny bless you and good night

  77. See, were all bright thinkers see we acknowledge and have come to relize that there is no god yes, but a question- the fact of wheather there is a god or not but to take on a big choice 50%that there is a god (gods) or A way Better Superior Being or Super natrual Intelligence OR the other 50% chance that theres nothing and we are all Beliveing, worshiping a false Object …. as we all know this topic can become way complex But i Assure you OUR fate us humans have alot to learn and LEARN yes indeed but WE have the choice .

    • Well, David. You say there’s a 50% chance of the existence of a god, gods, supernatural intellect, or some kind of superior being, and you think that this is a hard question in which to ponder? Really?

      If you’d ever had cared to examined the facts you’d come to the realization that all possible gods are nothing more then human constructs, and aren’t worthy of your time. 50%? No.
      Since all possible gods are human constructs then, their value is zero.

  78. If god is real, he’s an asshole.

  79. it cant be proved weather there is a god or not, so forget about it.

    if you want to try to hypnotize yourself into thinking that god is helping you somehow, then take a good look at your life, is it fucked?, then is god actually helping you? how can you know for sure?, that’s right, you cant ever be sure.

    truthfully, if you look at all the innocent people getting fucked up, why would he help you, and not them? is he really helping you or is it your imagination? should you just forget about god and live the best you can without attempting to rely on god to save you from getting fucked up? how do you know he will help you, if he lets innocent people get fucked up?

    that’s right, as much as we want to believe he will help us, me or you might just be the next “good” person in this world that gets fucked up, make no mistakes about it.

    i’m pretty sure we all all in this together and there aint no favorites. so just say fuck belief, and roll on intelligently, and fearlessly.

  80. Of course religion is a LIE. The religious are brain washed and delusional!! There are better answers to what we are and how we came about other than just saying an imaginary deity created us. We live in a different time with incredible technology and science but still hang on to these old age myths. If we want to further our species, we need to seek the truth and educate ourselves with the facts. Otherwise we will continue to be close minded robots who look down on those who are different. Im afraid though religion will never die. We humans are a funny bunch indeed.

  81. What if…
    Almost everything
    you ever believed about God was wrong?


    In order for GOD to exist….to be real….


    GOD began here… on this earth… as a man

    As man is in the world… GOD once was

    As GOD is in the world…man may become

    GOD who is our future…

    Came from man who is his past

    GOD evolved from the human race-

    and if you really do wish and desire to love GOD…

    then you need to love the things that GOD loves


    The real GOD… the true GOD…

    has never ever killed a human being
    has never ever condoned any such action
    has never ever arranged and planned any such thing

    What would you think of a human…
    who would plan and arrange the death of his only son??

    Yet deceived Christians teach the entire world-

    that the Loving, Merciful, GOD…planned and arranged

    for the bloody death of his only Son

    My friends,

    It wasn’t Yeshua’s Blood that gives you eternal life…

    It is his his words and his example that gives us life

    What does Yeshua himself, say

    about the doctrine of “blood atonement”

    Wisdom 14:53,54

    For such exaltation as GOD would give
    comes not by reason of my death upon the cross,

    but it is my word which gives eternal life,
    for the words which I speak are spirit, and they are life

    What shall it profit a man if he believe in my death and burial,

    or if he take delight in my resurrection

    but does not the things that I say?

    For I have left unto all who will,
    an example that they should follow in my steps,
    that they might become even as the Only Begotten of the Father

    My friends,

    Any book of Scripture that commands, justifies, or excuses
    one person killing another person

    in the name of religion, or country, or justice-
    such a book does not come from GOD…

    it is written purely by men

    Any book of Scripture that presents GOD
    as an angry god, a wrathful god, a vengeful god, a jealous god;
    that book was not authored by your Heavenly Father…

    it came strictly from men

    Any book of Scripture that demeans and humiliates women;
    that puts forth the idea that women are nothing but the
    serving vessels of men-

    such a book does not come from God…

    it was written by men for men

    Any book of Scripture that promotes

    the doctrine, the belief

    in hell fire and brimstone and final judgment;
    does not come from GOD…it comes from men

    Wisdom 12:15-17
    Thus would such men as these fashion GOD like unto themselves,
    that he might not rise above their own image and likeness,
    being small and filled with pettiness

    That even as they are filled with anger,
    so then is the god of their understanding made angry also;
    as they are filled with hate and loathing, so have they fashioned god;

    as they are made subject unto wrath and vengeance,
    so have they made subject unto like passions
    the god of their own understanding

    Why then will you be made to fear such a god as this,
    who by vain passions is made no greater than the least of you?

    Will you love him for the sake of fear only?

    Wisdom 12:55
    Guard yourselves therefore,
    against the righteousness of churchgoers;

    for by word and deed would they hope to make you
    subject unto certain men of authority,

    that they might hedge up the way against you,
    that you might be encompassed round about
    with doctrines and creeds of men

    Wisdom 22:24
    For at no time have I commanded

    that one man should slay another-
    for this is an abomination unto me

    Wisdom 12:56,57

    Watch, therefore and beware:

    For in the beginning did the teachers and preachers
    of the church seize the keys of deep knowledge

    and with great cunning did they hide them
    beneath the robes of their authority,
    securing them against you for the sake of their traditions

    I tell you truly, they shall not enter into the kingdom of God,
    neither would they permit that you should enter either

    Wisdom 12:24-27
    By such contrivance
    would the teachers and preachers of religion
    separate you from the love of God;

    that being made fearful,

    they might hedge up the way against you
    lest you should by some means
    find again the Father and live

    Thus would they make Christ

    unlike the natural man,

    being perfect;

    that by his death all people

    might stand condemned before the cross,

    being made worthy of all reproach

    Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear;
    for I tell you truly that the love of God manifest itself
    not in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ
    as these men would have you suppose,

    but rather in those things
    which Yeshua desired to teach unto the children of men

    That by the exercise of a goodly faith unto good works,
    they might draw nigh again unto the Father of their soul,
    being made holy even as he is holy

    Thought to ponder for many hours:

    Did Yeshua make a way back to the Father
    Was Yeshua killed


    Wisdom 12:69-73
    Come now and before the people answer:

    The death of Yeshua,

    was it according to the will of God or not?”

    And one answered him, saying:

    “Surely it was according to the will of God.

    For how shall we attain for ourselves the glory of Heaven

    except there first be made some blood atonement

    wherein all our sins are forgiven?

    For by Adam’s transgression did death come upon every man,

    but in the death of Christ are we made alive unto God,

    having been cleansed of all corruption.”

    Thus spoke the elders before the people,

    and the Teacher hearing this, said:

    “Is it not written among you this saying:

    ‘We believe that men will be punished for their own sins,

    and not for Adam’s transgression?’

    Seeing that this is held as true among you,

    what need have you of blood atonement?

    Consider, therefore,

    how that by such doctrines as you would teach,

    you would make God to appear

    as being bloodier than you yourselves.”

    What about the doctrine of the Virgin birth?

    Wisdom 12:3-7
    Consider how the teachers and preachers of religion
    have desired to remove you from the Father of your soul,
    for fear that you should take to yourself some knowledge of him

    For they and their fathers before them
    have established a multitude of doctrines and creeds
    which have become as a wall to separate you from God;

    that no one should by any means approach nigh unto God
    except that they first go to the builders of the wall

    Thus would they have you believe that this one
    whom they call Christ should be brought forth of a virgin,
    being conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit;
    that he, being unlike the natural man, might be made free from sin

    Thus, by such a birth would they make Christ
    a stranger unto the children of men;
    for they desired to hedge up the way, round about,
    against even all who would come to a knowledge of God

    For by reason of your natural birth
    have they proclaimed through a million preachers
    that all people are filled with evil and corruption continually,
    having been made partakers of Adam’s transgression

    Wisdom 12:28,49
    For even God your Father
    came forth to dwell upon the earth,
    even as a man having flesh and bone like unto yourselves,
    being born unto life even as you were born

    For your God is not without understanding concerning the frailties of man,
    for even so great a one as he thought it not unseemly

    to become as one of you when he came as Yeshua to walk upon the earth


    Wisdom 12:28-34
    Come now and hear again this parable:

    For it so happened that on a certain day,
    Yeshua of Nazareth went walking by the sea,
    and in the heat of the day
    he rested himself beneath the palms

    Now there came unto him this Jesus Christ of the Christians
    wearing garments made red with blood,
    and he desired to contend with Yeshua,
    seeing that he was alone

    And sitting himself down,
    Jesus Christ and Yeshua spoke unto one another all that day

    And in the evening tide,
    when the wind caressed the waters of the sea
    and the birds of the air made ready their nests,

    Yeshua rose from his place and speaking unto Christ, said:
    “My friend, I fear that you and I shall never agree”

    And Yeshua turned himself again unto the children of his soul,
    being made joyful that he should walk among them

    But Christ, rising from his place, turned himself again

    unto the doctrines and creeds of the faithful;
    muttering to himself always concerning the works and deeds
    of saints and martyrs, popes and preachers

    Hear now this great mystery and ponder:

    For this Yeshua of Nazareth
    whom these men would call Christ,
    even he is the Father of your soul,
    being Emmanuel unto the children of men

    Why, therefore, would you let such teachings as these men would afford,
    separate you from the Father who loves you?

    Or, why will you not believe?


    What about Condemnation, Damnation, and Judgment?

    There is only one “faith” that is acceptable to GOD…

    And that is the “faith” that is in no way whatsoever,

    brought about by instilling “fear” as it’s foundation

    This true faith which is the only acceptable faith to the true GOD

    affords you and me, the right… “to walk away”

    With no condemnation whatsoever-

    From GOD, or the church, or any other person

    Will you love him for the sake of fear only?


    REINCARNATION… No Damnation or Judgment

    Beginnings 21:24
    And whosoever knows not good from evil,

    even they shall be granted the mercies of God,

    for I shall cause that they shall come again into mortality,

    that they might come to a knowledge of what is good and what is evil.

    Beginnings 22:71
    …for I shall restore again the soul of the fallen,

    that they might dwell again among the living,

    whereby they might progress, even as they are able,

    nigh unto the throne of God where righteousness is made to dwell forever.

    4th Endowment 5:49-51
    “Let this then be granted as a fair and happy compensation;

    for even we are fully knowing in the ways of mortal life,

    how that some are born most fully advantaged

    while others are born as low and heavy burdened

    with harsh and pressing cares, having to themselves no advantage given.

    Thus, in this school so far away,

    shall we give to each child, whether male or female,

    a multiplicity of lives, causing that if one

    should be born disadvantaged in one life,

    then in the next shall they be born more advantaged still.

    Not by way of reward for goodly actions,

    but rather to compensate for such harshness

    as did fall upon them in the living of their lives;

    for I would prove fair and just to all my children,

    giving to each some equal opportunity

    to rise above advantage or disadvantage altogether.”

    Wisdom 18:15-16
    Therefore, by reason of his great mercy he has proclaimed the decree,

    whereby all those who should die without a knowledge of heavenly things

    shall God deal graciously, even as a loving Father for an only child.

    And they shall come again into mortality

    until they shall learn for themselves the way of holiness.

    Beginnings 12:51-53
    For all things, whether great or small, shall pass away.

    But the life of man, this shall not pass away,

    even though death press hard against us.

    For behold how the day flees into night,

    and the night rushes into day;

    even so is the life of all men.

    Consider, therefore, the life of man.

    For we are born unto death,

    that in our passing we might be born again unto life.

    How then shall you destroy the life of the soul,

    seeing that it is of God and must ever continue?

    Did you not know that the ways of God are as one eternal round,

    even until that day when the soul of man is exalted again unto God?

    Yeshua 24:52-55
    Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear.

    For the life of the body is a passing thing.

    And like the sea foam it rides upon the waves of this life

    to cast itself upon the shore; and, behold, it is no more,

    being scattered upon the sands of time.

    Yet do the waves come again and again unto the shore,

    bearing upon itself the foam of yet some greater sea.

    And in like manner

    shall you come also again and again,

    even till you shall all come to a knowledge of that God

    which fashioned you and loved you,

    even from the beginning of the world.

    Yeshua 50:21-23, 27-30
    21. If, therefore, you would attain unto God,

    seek me while I may yet be found;

    for all those which believe not,

    the same will not find me;

    22. And they shall return again unto this world,

    passing from life to death to life again,

    even till they shall find me.

    23. Fear not, therefore,

    those which are able to kill the body,

    for the spirit of man lives forever….

    27. Therefore, grieve not for the body,

    what men shall do unto it;

    for death is appointed unto all the living,

    and life is apportioned unto all the dead.

    28. For as a man will cast away an old garment

    so that he might attain unto a new one,

    even so does the spirit within

    cast away the body which is old and broken,

    that it might attain unto a new body wherein to dwell.

    29. Be not, therefore, overwrought

    because of such changes as shall come upon you,

    for when you were children,

    then was the body strong and filled with life.

    30. But when you are old,

    then shall the body be filled with death,

    being made weak and feeble.

    But fear not these things when they are come upon you,

    for you shall live again, even as you see me live again.

    2nd Endowment 9:39-52
    39. For from the very beginning did God give

    the very means and pathway of reincarnation,

    wherein every man and every woman,

    who possess eternal spirit,

    might be given a great many lives

    whereby they should come to learn for themselves

    the way of eternal things, being in themselves

    delivered from the fear of death.

    40. For even the Father and Mother which dwell beyond

    would have the children of their soul

    to see in the mortal life some school only;

    that going through the days of their mortality,

    they might learn for themselves the way which is greater still.

    41. Know therefore, Jehovah-Yahweh,

    (the false imposter wrathful, vengeful, jealous god

    who does kill and demands blood atonement)

    that I shall make known unto all men

    the very means of exaltation in the kingdom of God;

    teaching unto them the principle of reincarnation,

    which very principle shall uplift

    the hearts and minds of all who believe.

    42. And all they

    which shall embrace the truth which comes from above,

    even they shall see in life but some school only;

    and in that moment shall they see no need

    for desperate acts of judgment and reproach;

    seeing that into their keeping

    God shall grant still some other life

    wherein they might learn for themselves

    the way of good and evil.

    43. For in the knowledge of heavenly things

    is all fear made of no effect;

    and in the wisdom of God

    is life made to become most joyful and filled with promise.

    44. Yet in the doctrine of one life only

    have you, Jehovah-Yahweh,

    (the false imposter wrathful, vengeful, jealous god

    who does kill and demands blood atonement)

    made men fearful and filled with desperation;

    causing that men should act and love

    in constant fear,

    trembling in their souls

    midst hurtful shadows which you alone created.

    45. Thus would I teach

    unto every man and every woman the knowledge of God;

    for this would I have even all to know,

    that in the death of the body is there not some final ending,

    but only the awakening unto some other life.

    46. For death was never the enemy which men should fear,

    but rather their own inhumanity of the soul instead;

    this alone is the greatest enemy

    which would make most bitter the life of all who live,

    filling the lives of those afflicted with all manner

    of distress and sorrow.

    47. Know then that in the belief of reincarnation

    would God set forth the first means whereby

    he might remove man’s fear of you (Jehovah-Yahweh)

    for when a man is made no longer fearful of the death of the body,

    then is he free to live most joyfully

    the life which moves and stirs within him.

    48. For in the death of the body

    has God set forth the means to rescue

    even all his children from such evils

    as do most surely afflict from time to time;

    for in death does only the good which a man does continue onward,

    to dress the soul in living wisdom and faith exceeding.

    49. While in death is there set forth

    that certain barrier which all evil is powerless to penetrate;

    for the evil which men shall do is caused to perish in the grave,

    to lie interred with dead men’s bones;

    while the good which men shall do,

    continues onward, even unto God.

    50. And if it so be

    that a man do great good while in the mortal life,

    then does he return to the Father and Mother of his soul,

    dressed round about in great goodness,

    to become even as the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

    51. But if a man do little good while in the mortal life,

    then does he return unto the Father and Mother of his soul,

    being in himself poor and greatly diminished;

    for unto his soul has he brought forth little good;

    to become unlike and quite dissimilar

    from the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

    52. These then shall the Father and Mother

    send again into life, that they might decide for themselves

    whether they should follow in the steps of God,

    to become even as he is;

    for with the willing spirit

    will God ever abide and not surcease.

    4th Endowment 9:24-35
    24. Thus did the children of God

    move most eagerly through the dispensations,

    each according to their several appointments,

    which appointments would refine

    the spirit and soul of the child within;

    25. Being themselves carried from one life into the next

    through the rebirth of the soul again and again,

    going themselves from grace to grace,

    here a little, there a little, line placed on line,

    and precept built on precept,

    even until they should touch for themselves

    a fullness of goodly things.

    26. For this cause

    did God establish by law the principles of reincarnation,

    to place between the living of each successive life

    you live a veil of forgetfulness and renewal,

    which veil is woven through the senses of the flesh.

    27. Gathering from the days of youth, through old age,

    even more and more perceptions of the present life,

    which very perceptions, feelings, and emotions

    do become the fabric which would cover the lives of ages past;

    for in the living of our daily life do we but weave the veil,

    causing that we, ourselves, should stand as blind,

    being made to know this life only.

    28. For God perceived rightly

    that in a sure knowledge of reincarnation

    might many seek to escape the hardship of their present life

    to kill themselves perchance to gain again some other life

    which might prove to their advantage.

    29. Thus did God permit that the veil

    should cover the eyes of those which live,

    causing that they themselves

    should prove uncertain in the taking of their lives,

    being themselves ever fearful

    of death and the darkness of the grave;

    30. Causing that we should live our lives

    and in such fiery trials as we might face

    prove ourselves the victor,

    taking to our soul some greater prize filled with glory.

    31. Know then that in the living of many lives

    do we add to our soul the wealth of many things,

    being together bound through the experiences

    of one life and then another,

    revealing in their subtle touch, a strength

    and knowing beyond the years which we can see

    32. To be seen by us, in a sudden flash, as inspiration from above,

    but which does most often come from the treasury of our soul,

    which soul does hold within its depths the sum of who we are,

    having contained therein the wisdom gleaned from every life

    which we have lived.

    33. For there is given to every child the spirit which comes from God,

    which spirit is born of God through love and gentle breath;

    but in the living of the mortal life do we build within our spirit

    the soul of deeper knowing,

    being itself beyond the confines of the spirit,

    but which does itself reach out forever.

    34. Thus through reincarnation

    do the children of God build by careful measure

    the depth and height and width of all their soul,

    to place within the spirit of their truer self a treasury filled

    with wisdom and subtle knowing, being ever anxious to reveal itself

    within us, to fill our heart with wonder.

    35. Know then that if you will seek daily the joy of eternal things,

    then shall the soul within you reveal the lives of ages past,

    here a little, there a little, being in yourselves dressed

    in wisdom to touch the heart of God.

    If, therefore, God is your Father, have you not a Mother also?

    Wisdom 9:75-76
    For I tell you truly,
    no man can bring forth children unto himself
    except there first be some woman to take seed.

    Hear then, and understand.
    For in Heaven is there made to dwell the Heavenly Mother,
    even the Great Mother Spirit

    which whispers unto all the children of men, both male and female.

    Wisdom 16:31
    Therefore, sanctify yourselves and be you consecrated unto God,
    that your souls might become as one with God
    through the power of your Heavenly Mother
    that you might be lifted up into the presence of God your Father
    and receive from his hand a fullness of blessing.

    Wisdom 23:36
    Thus are the righteous

    not made anxious concerning the things of this life,
    having received unto their souls the whisperings

    of the Heavenly Mother,
    even of the Heavenly Mother

    who loved them from the beginning.

    Wisdom 26:6
    For the Mother would not have you ignorant
    concerning the whisperings of the Holy Spirit;
    for even as a child shall call upon her mother

    in the moment of her need,
    even so would the Heavenly Mother
    give answer unto the children of men, even as if from afar;
    that they might learn great wisdom,
    that they might take unto their soul an abundance of hope.

    Beginnings 29:27-29
    Rejoice aloud, ye daughters of men, rejoice and sing aloud,
    for all your ways has the Mother established in joy and honor,
    that peace and grace might make comely your habitations.

    Behold, now, how great the Mother is, even the Great Mother Spirit.
    For she draws up her robes round about her and it is night;
    she looses the string of her garment and it is day again.

    Surely the stars are become as a crown upon her head,
    and the sun a jewel upon her heart.

    Commentary: Priesthood (excerpt)
    If you are a woman,

    your priesthood comes through your Heavenly Mother
    and it is passed to you through procreation…

    Heavenly Mother DOES NOT

    receive her priesthood from your Heavenly Father.
    To even think such a thing is an insult to your Heavenly Parents.

    7th Endowment 1:40-46
    40. Here beyond the starry deep, beyond the dreams you dream,
    many Mothers quietly wait the coming of their children;
    being each and every one filled with joyful heart,
    eagerly seeking to touch the mind of every child they love,
    to open wide the very portals which lead to exaltation.

    41. Thus is there given for your sake
    the guidance of the Mother, Holy Spirit,

    blest, divine, filled with approbation;
    seeking through most subtle means

    to touch your heart and mind,
    ever guiding, deep abiding, waiting by your side;
    whispering glowing touch of light which takes your breath away;

    42. Making bright what once was dark, to chase away the gloom,
    soft revealing, deep appealing, light within you bursting;

    shocking, sudden inspiration which makes you fully see,
    opening up before your mind the mysteries from beyond.

    43. How quick the shadows flee away when Heaven near approaches,
    to stand yourself as one empowered and filled with light and joy;
    reflecting through the things you do the light of many Mothers.

    44. So come my child and be you wise and walk a while with me,
    and I will guide you through this life which swirls and rushes by,
    to open up before your eyes the mysteries of your soul
    and there within the deepest deep reveal the thing you are.

    45. For here upon these very pages is wisdom finely gathered,
    a book of light and secret turnings, a book of joy and hope;
    this the book which I would give – this book of the Heavenly Mother.

    46. So come my child and hear my counsel, let us wend our way,
    and through the spirit of many Mothers shall I most quick enlighten,
    to make most bright what now seems dark and fill you up with healing.

    The Revelation of the Heavenly Mother

    Again I spoke to God, saying:
    “Heavenly Father, in my soul I am filled with questions.

    Yet above them all is this one most needful.

    If you then be both God and Father unto the children of men,
    have we not a Heavenly Mother also?”

    And in that moment God smiled upon me,
    and immediately there fell from Heaven another great light,
    and in the light did I see descending a woman of such matchless beauty,
    such comely form, that I was speechless before her.

    And she was clothed in robes of purest white,
    and there was upon her head a telephim trimmed in gold.

    And she came and stood beside the Father,
    and casting down upon me a gentle gaze, she said:

    “Greetings, fair son, from me to thee.”

    And God the Father spoke to me again, saying:
    “Behold my own Beloved, even the Heavenly Mother;
    and know this thing for yourself;

    for even as you see before you

    the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother,

    yet are we together made but one God unto the children of men.

    For even as a man and a woman are made one flesh in marriage,
    even so are we become as one God.

    Know then that whosoever shall pray unto the Father,
    even then shall the Mother hear also.

    And whosoever shall pray unto the Mother,
    even unto that child shall I attend with all gentle affection.

    For how shall you believe in the Father and not the Mother also?
    For together are we made as one God forever unto the children of men…”

    I am revealing to those who can receive it…

    The Unknown God
    and the only true religion… “Humanity”

    Your Heavenly Father and Mother
    have never ever required you
    to bow before them-

    You are their son/daughter-
    not their servant!!

    You are a citizen of heaven
    sent down to this “school”

    It has never been “Perfection”… but “Progression”

    You will have a multiplicity of lives
    until you learn to be “Holy”

    At the completion of you “schooling”
    you will become their “begotten son”

    Food for thought-

    The god of man’s Bible
    is responsible for the death of approx 2.5 million people
    and will kill about 6 billion more people when he returns-
    and the blood is horse bridal high

    There are many laws of logic
    one such is… the law of contradiction

    an apple can not be an apple
    and an orange at the same time

    when two things contradict you get a big zero… a lie


    An apple who tells you to
    be ye perfect as your father in heaven…LOVE your enemies

    can not be an orange at the same time
    killing his enemies…..

    a big zero…the greatest of lies!!

    and so of course this truth…
    goes against the teachings of the imposter god
    who does kill and does demand blood atonement

    The true GOD evolved through evolution as a human being
    and came back to show us the way to become just like them

    The false imposter is a monster
    always has been… always will be…

    surely you can see the difference
    between the apple and the orange
    mingled together throughout man made religion…………

    The Heavenly Mother said…

    Show them something beautiful
    and they will SEE the truth within it

    How is it that you can not SEE
    the beauty within what I have shown you??

    Yeshua said

    those who seek
    when they find they will be DISTURBED
    when they are disturbed they will marvel
    and will reign over all

    What could be more disturbing
    then to find out that almost everything
    you ever have been told and taught and believed
    about God was wrong

    Do you really believe GOD is perfect-
    or are they continuing to evolve even now

    In answer to God being perfect

    Heavenly Mother replied:

    Have you ever been around someone
    who thinks they are perfect-

    (well everyone has….)

    She then said

    Was it a pleasant experience???

    followed by:

    We never said we were perfect-

    One who is perfect could never be
    understanding and merciful to the “fallen”

    Thus it is GOOD for mankind
    to have what we call a “happy little flaw”

    Another thing to ponder

    The tragedies that happen upon this earth
    are not brought about by the true GOD

    and He has not the powers
    as we have been taught to stop them

    If he did and chose not to….
    for what ever silly explanation christians would give

    then he would be morally responsible
    for the destruction or death that may have resulted

    and another shocking truth…

    GOD doesn’t know everything either-

    God does NOT
    know what you are going to do tomorrow

    You have Free Agency
    but you do not have Free Will

    For if GOD had given mankind Free Will
    then the atrosities that we do to each other
    would be his fault and upon his head

    God (Heavenly Mother & Father) are evolved humans
    who are still evolving and came back to show us
    (their children) the way to do the same

    The true GOD ONLY accepts “FAITH”
    that allows you “to walk away”

    with no condemnation
    from GOD or the CHURCH or MAN

    any other obedience/faith
    which is based upon FEAR
    means absolutely nothing to him!!

    The question to be pondered for many many hours:

    Is the god you worship
    the GOD of LOVE and MERCY or not???

    I tell you truly,
    it is the imposter god
    that is deceiving the entire Christian religion

    The only correct religion is “humanity”

    and aside from the various vices
    of the children who are “in school”

    Inhumanity to any human being ever…

    are the sins to overcome
    as one progresses through the mutiplicity of lives
    learning to choose good over evil

    In the end,

    God who evolved from mankind
    will embrace the entire human race
    as ALL will be made like unto them

    My friend not only have been deceived,
    but the entire Christian religion has been long ago deceived
    by the false imposter god who kills and demands blood!!

    The false bible was written by men inspired by this false god
    so the verses you speak of are some truths mixed with many lies

    Let us look closer at the god of your bible:
    who commands such things as….

    Kill the Entire Town
    if ..One.. Person Worships Another God

    Suppose you hear
    in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you
    that some worthless rabble among you
    have led their fellow citizens astray
    by encouraging them to worship foreign gods.

    In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully.

    If you find it is true and can prove
    that such a detestable act has occurred among you,

    you must attack that town and
    completely destroy ALL its inhabitants,
    as well as all the livestock.

    Then you must pile all the plunder
    in the middle of the street and burn it….
    “The LORD your God will be merciful
    if you obey him
    and keep all the commands I am giving you today,
    doing what is PLEASING to him.”
    (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

    Mass Murder

    This is what the Lord of hosts has to say:
    ‘I will punish what Amalek did to Israel
    when he barred his way
    as he was coming up from Egypt.

    Go, now, attack Amalek, and deal with him
    and all that he has under the ban.

    Do not spare him,
    but kill men and women,
    children and infants,
    oxen and sheep, camels and asses.’
    (1 Samuel 15:2-3 NAB)

    Laws of Rape

    “If a man is caught
    in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged,
    he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father.

    Then he must marry the young woman
    because he violated her,
    and he will never be allowed to divorce her.”
    Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    Cursed be he who does the Lords work remissly,
    cursed he who holds back his sword from blood.
    (Jeremiah 48:10 NAB)

    Kill Men, Women, and Children

    “Then I heard the LORD say to the other men,
    “Follow him through the city
    and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked.

    Show no mercy; have no pity!
    Kill them all – old and young,
    girls and women and little children.

    But do not touch anyone with the mark.
    Begin your task right here at the Temple.”

    So they began by killing the seventy leaders.
    “Defile the Temple!” the LORD commanded.

    “Fill its courtyards with the bodies of those you kill! Go!”
    So they went throughout the city and did as they were told.”
    (Ezekiel 9:5-7 NLT)

    “The people of Samaria
    must bear the consequences of their guilt
    because they rebelled against their God.

    They will be killed by an invading army,
    their little ones dashed to death against the ground,
    their pregnant women ripped open by swords.”
    (Hosea 13:16 NLT)

    Kill Your Unruly Sons

    “Suppose a man has a stubborn, rebellious son
    who will not obey his father or mother,
    even though they discipline him.

    In such cases, the father and mother must take the son
    before the leaders of the town.

    They must declare:
    ‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious and refuses to obey.
    He is a worthless drunkard.’

    Then all the men of the town must stone him to death.
    In this way, you will cleanse this evil from among you,
    and all Israel will hear about it and be afraid.”
    (Deuteronomy 21:18-21 NLT)

    More Rape and Baby Killing

    Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword.
    Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes.

    Their homes will be sacked
    and their wives raped by the attacking hordes.

    For I will stir up the Medes against Babylon,
    and no amount of silver or gold will buy them off.

    The attacking armies
    will shoot down the young people with arrows.

    They will have no mercy on helpless babies
    and will show no compassion for the children.
    (Isaiah 13:15-18 NLT)

    God Kills Little Boys and Girls

    So this is what the LORD Almighty says about them:
    “I will punish them!
    Their young men will die in battle,
    and their little boys and girls will starve.

    Not one of these plotters from Anathoth will survive,
    for I will bring disaster upon them
    when their time of punishment comes.”
    (Jeremiah 11:22-23 NLT)

    God Will Kill the Children of Sinners

    If even then you remain hostile toward me and refuse to obey,
    I will inflict you with seven more disasters for your sins.

    I will release wild animals that will kill your children
    and destroy your cattle, so your numbers will dwindle
    and your roads will be deserted.
    (Leviticus 26:21-22 NLT)

    Eat Your Children

    I will wipe Jerusalem from the face of the earth,
    making it a monument to their stupidity.

    All who pass by will be appalled
    and will gasp at the destruction they see there.

    I will see to it
    that your enemies lay siege to the city
    until all the food is gone.

    Then those trapped inside
    will have to eat their own sons and daughters and friends.
    They will be driven to utter despair.’
    (Jeremiah 19:6-9 NLT)

    More Murder Rape and Pillage

    As you approach a town to attack it,
    first offer its people terms for peace.

    If they accept your terms and open the gates to you,
    then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor.

    But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight,
    you must attack the town.

    When the LORD your God hands it over to you,
    kill every man in the town.

    But you may
    keep for yourselves all the women, children,
    livestock, and other plunder.

    You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies
    that the LORD your God has given you.
    (Deuteronomy 20:10-14)

    What kind of God approves of murder, rape, and slavery?
    Answer: the false imposter

    The Song of God:

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    • You mean to say that this “god” is a god that can only exist in the thought of men, since only we know this state of disharmony that can produce this madness?

    • Piss off!

    • You are the owner of a mind that was impregnated from birth,almost certainly,in a religious family Ýou were sinfully denied
      free thoiught and from your ravings, your destiny was forced on you.
      You live on a different planet – come down to Earth and free yourself
      from the imprisonment in your mind

      • Instead of wasting your time writing such clap-trap above you should
        help the unfortunate children ,worldwide, who have been brought
        into this worl by their mothers, knowing ,well ,the only thing that awaits
        them is starvation and poverty. Pray to your god for help. More
        wasted time – he cannot hear because he is not there.

  82. being a gcse student now and taking in all the other religions beliefs i can give a better answer than before. statistics show that “is god real?” is the single most asked questions since basic human communication. my main thought on this subject is: “are we here by chance or design?” i personally am still on the fence with this as should everyone in my opinion, no one can make an argument. the question i pose to you lot (are we here by chance or design) is asking the exact same question as is god real…. i dont know this is my last post on this matter 😦 but dont be sad i will rise again…..

  83. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to pick and choose what they believe? It’s their life! They can do whatever the hell they want with it. Who are you to tell them anything? Especially you Atheists!

    I believe in a Christian God in a context outside of the bible. The New Testament and Old Testament are metaphors.

    The Jews, who are the very first believers in a Christian God realize this. They treat Torah as a story. How come Christians can’t do this?

  84. Have you ever played the computer game, “The Sims 2”? I have. I play it often; I have most of the expansion packs. I love building houses and creating people to put in the houses. I make a family, place them in a home and watch over them for a while. I make sure the dad goes to work, the mom cooks for the kids so they don’t starve, make sure they go to school. I make sure they don’t cheat on each other. After awhile of me guiding them in their day-to-day routine, they learn how to do things for themselves and don’t really need me anymore. So I make a new family and start the routine all over.

    Eventually none of the family’s in the first neighborhood need me anymore, so I get bored from not being needed and I move on to make a new neighborhood and begin the process over, but a little different, to mix things up a little and keep it interesting. Sometimes I take a break for a month or two and leave the game alone before playing again.

    Playing The Sims 2 gives me a sense of power. I imagine on a much smaller scale of course, of what it might be like to be our Creator, God. Maybe He stuck around with us more in the beginning to make sure we didn’t forget to do things necessary for our survival and now that we’ve got the hang of it, he went on to make a new “different” neighborhood to play. Or maybe he just was disgusted with some of our ungodly ways and decided to leave for a while instead of watching us, getting angry and then punishing us all with a catastrophic disaster like the great flood. Maybe God has a mother who told him to leave us alone for a while or even a boss, who told God to stop being a micromanager. No one knows for certain, but houses aren’t built by themselves and people aren’t created without a creator.

    • Wow! This is so insightful. Yes I have played the game, with my wife as well. It is exActly as you have described. The idea that “GOD” got a little bored and moved onto a new neighborhood is intriguing. If we were made in his image, and we are probably a lot like him, we often times get bored, like you said. So it would be concieveable that he got a little bored as well. Or his boss told him to back off a little. We love to believe that we know everything, but there’s so much we don’t. Thank you for your point.

    • Wtf.. You’re stupid!

  85. God ain’t real it’d really hard to be athiest in a Christian family but have they ever thought about it NO!! God doesn’t fit in life think where does he fit in the damn puzzle he’s a lie and a joke I’m sick of it!

  86. My ancestors have prayed to god asking for help in hard times. Wishing and wanting to believe he would come to help. But God has given us nothing. Nothing but his damning silence. Whether God is real or not, he can go fuck himself. You might as well believe in Mickey Mouse as a god. It’s just pathetic to see people bow down to something that is clearly a lie.

    Oh and another thing, If people approach you about Lord Jesus and stuff and if they say: “Jesus will die for you!” just reply “Then I am more powerful than him”. and then walk away and don’t face back to them when they want to give a half-fast reason. It gets them every time.

  87. One thing is for sure none of you have read the bible. The Bible has all man kinds answers but you must read it first and dont lie about reading it when only skimed over it .Dont pick a page start at the begin. when your done we can talk and learn about truth.

  88. I am agree completely, when he! or she! see our unlucky war …but don’t interfere!!!

  89. “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”
    — Epicurus (ca. 341-270 BCE), Greek philosopher

  90. I know God is there or not..but sorry I cannot tell you dear, you have yourself to find out.If you have the urge ,tendency towards kowing the ultimate truth,you are welcome to take part,otherwise “I Think”/”I believe” sort of individual will reach nowhere. If you have the strenght,stamina,courage to face everything and anything that come on the way while searching the ultimate reality, you are welcome, otherwise go away it is not child play.Those who believe on their own strenght is welcome….Remember the main objective is to reach the ultimate at the cost of anything,no compromise…even an inch less will not be allowed. It is easy to say that i believe,i trust ,i follow etc on God ,relegion .. but hard to find the Thruth… Is there any God in reality..if God is there ,Have you any proof?What is “SOHUM” …. Come and join and feel the BITTERNESS first…….

  91. Its comparable to a mental illness. There’s this looming presence in the sky looking over everyones shoulder. He can see you always, hear all of your thoughts, every aspect of your life, etc. And this complex is given to children at an early age. Its a brainwashing on a massive scale that is accepted by the general population of the earth. “GOD” is just another example of the human need to explain everything. Where we came from (no real proof, believe it cause I said so), where we all go when we die(again no proof, but believe it anyway, cause I said so), so on so forth. Once I realized this, and freed myself from the burdeon of faith in a lie, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt free of the mental sickness that had plagued me since childhood. I despise both of my parents for forcing this thing onto my psyche ay such an early age.

  92. If god was real why would he let bad things happen. It’s all bullshit to make people feel safe, happy, and willing to live. In actuality man has the ability to do whatever he wants. No one can tell anyone what to do. No matter what rules one man puts on another, they mean nothing. Animals can kill each other, man can kill each other, we’re all beings with no direct purpose on this planet other than to LIVE, after that we die; then from there… nothing. Human beings will never be able to come from other times to tell the past life stories, or be reborn into offspring or any other bullshit.You have one life just like every other person. You are born once you die once, I don’t know why people argue over the subject cause no one will win. Simply enough you die and are gone forever. Death isn’t happy, rejoicing, heavenly or another sympathetically religious term, nor is it dark, depressing, satanic, or hellish, because, it’s death. In the blink of an eye someone, or something dies, at the same time someone , or something is born. If people feel comforted to believe in a “GOD” then so be it, people always will. But note that every religion claims to be right… leaving the fact that one must be wrong. If the word belief is defined as a specific way to believe or interpret religion then why is it used in so many different ways, shapes and forms, why is there so many forms of the bible. so many gods that are claimed to be realistic. No matter what way, you try to tell yourself, religion is the longest historically recorded lie know to human kind. If you bitch at me saying “oh tell show me proof god doesn’t exist” then i ask you. Get the opinion of everyone on Earth and convince all of them your religion is right, because apparently you think it is. If you “think or “believe” your religion is the truth, then why won’t that Hindu believe, or that Christian or that Muslim. Jesus was a Jew that simply pulled Christianity out his ass and told people to believe in it. Apart from all of that…. if i have any incorrect religiously historic facts then who is to tell me there right or wrong when the bible was built on lies, and constantly altered “facts” maybe it was what i was raised to “believe” who are you to tell me I’m wrong. Maybe i have a version of the bible that tells me differently. Guess what I’m right. but at the same time you are… when in the end everyone is wrong. Religion is non-existent, unless there is a primary religion that they are all based off of, if so then everyone has the same religion. When your born your “alive”. When you die your are “dead”.

  93. God is not an He, God is the name of a Corporation, run just like a physical business. With a board of directors. just like a physical business. With a board of directors from gathered from? Every corner of creation, source energy. The best is align with the Light.

  94. God or the word itself is a blatant lie. I also agree that children should never be subjected to the lies of the bible, it’s like child-abuse. I grew up hearing this talk at church and it scared the heck out of me. How can a child grow up normally with the fear thinking that some huge invisible being hovering up in the sky is watching his every move, even when he’s using the toilet or taking a bath. Keep that religious talk to yourselves blblical morons and give a kid the chance to decide as he grows older.

  95. Finally intellectual talk!!!! I love it… lets spread the word and release the captives from their fake sky daddy, whom lets poor innocent kids die, hunger is rampant, where rapes and abuse exist in every sort of level and is constant since the beginning of recorded time. Children born with defects (not because of negligence) genetically screwed up!? I thought God made everything perfect. He is surely miserable to see our innocent children battling diseases and just does nothing. Instead of giving your 10% to these freakin disgusting pastors,and priest that are living large out of the brainwashed believers…donate to things that are factual and sound, things that make sense like donating to organization that will help combat disease and other unfortunate happenings. This can help improve the way of life for all. Once your free from this horrific lie that has you second guessing things… you can become independent to help yourself move on with reality and do things that are positive and benefit you. Religion is just a cult that works by creating fear and dependence. How unfortunate I am to have been misled in a crock of bs since my cradling years. This is a cult that is ongoing to brainwash the uneducated fools that don t want to do research into history and know about the science of things. I thank goodness that i am liberated and happy to know reality… no longer am I blinded, nor longer am i bound to the lie, this sheep has found pure sense, i am happy….HALLELUJIA!

    • I have lived 86 years and the most stupid tale I have heard is the one
      about GOD, NOAH and THE ARK. Clearly a figment of imaginaion of
      vvid minded Story Teller BC when these people were popular.
      Much of the Bible will contain much of this stuff. During the past
      2000+ years , the early writings will have changed dramatically and
      will bear no resemblance to the truth.

  96. Har har, har har. You godbotherers really crack me up. It’s really gonna bother you as your life slips away into a black void followed by nothing…. Life is not a rehearsal. Grab it with both hands and enjoy it!

  97. I believe there really is NO god. Some random retarded guy could have made up a lie and the bible. There is no proof. Fuck science too. Greek Gods For The Win.

  98. Why ppl still argue about the visible lie and deception of religion …….. All I’m going to say church and religion is a business to make money and control the masses….. If u wanna find true look around and make ur own judgement about life …..Dnt let anybody dictate ur life and tell u how to live …….Free ur self from the only hell on earth is deception

    god is a lie but this is truth. at least look. dont be closed minded fools like christians.

  100. There is a somewhat authentic documentary by Bill Mahr…
    Religulous I think it is called.

  101. atheist ftw

  102. God is a lie for the following reasons:

    it is an overarching concept used to contain all emotions. This creates the illusion that the entirety of physical experience contains within it some profound beauty or reason. Any and every unhappiness or grotesque happening can be made beautiful within the divine lens. love, for all things, can be found here. This seems like a miracle, a truth, a way. But the reality is that humans find pleasure and fulfillment in the vanities and also have direct control over how they choose to direct their efforts. Believing in god doesn’t do much to help concentrate human value systems on the most obvious task of MAKING LIFE BETTER ON EARTH. for example, why have humans become so obsessed with prolonging life? Aging is a horrific process. Why not die sooner? why not enjoy life for what it is and then move on? anyone who truly believes in the reason or purpose to me should worry more about the moral and spiritual consequence of getting in the way of fun enjoyment and pleasure because to believe that suffering is part of some sort of cosmic plan is to me, truly insane. If you let go of the love of pain, it become quite clear that there should be less of it, and although I u sweatband the sensual appeal of masochism, I cannot find any other reason why it is humans Gould be so god obsessed except that to continually seek what cannot be found is a painful and vaguely sexual event that may help to make up for the boredom and anxiety people face in their relatively empty lives. why not address this and
    Try to change it? Focus energy on beauty, personality development, etc. and less on
    Power and
    Control and
    Worship. being dominated is sexy, yeah, but if I had to choose, is ask “god” to love me. And care, about what makes me happy. If there could be that kind of god, he’d be the sort of concept that helped create something not just spectacular, but beautiful. The imagination is limited when it cannot even conceive of beauty without pain. and there’s nothing divine in that at all. it’s just fun. And ok, if suffering is fun, I get it, but you’d think humanity would tire of it. Lol. Maybe god is just an excellent drug.

  103. Maybe your right, maybe God is a just a drug. I would say a virus myself. Both mess with the future of where I would like to see our World. Acceptance of who we are? If we look into the future with technologys what might become reality then, when the XBox is so great that we sit in our arm chairs living virtual lifes. We could do simulations as other people ? or other Jobs? different ages which for me sounds good when im 70 ! could this become connected to our own experience? How the hell will I disconnect then back to poping down to tesco for me milk and bread? I expect there will be a god game of course, maybe you will be able to speak to him then like that flipping think on the IPhone s . But there seems to always be a space left for all freaks in this world, We as Humans get bored for sure so to be creative we bring stuff to life. I dont thing this will ever change untill the batterys RUN out in the world. I forsure see the only hope is to escape Earth and maybe just maybe not take the God game with us. For now we are just passengers and im sure we may just all arrive there one day. So yes have fun now! thats it and forget the bullshit dont even waste your energys (Go Open Doors)

  104. What if jesus was an atheist?
    That would mean that christianity is atheism and therefore complete freedom.
    Consider this:
    an atheist raised from the dead, counquering the world by exposing the god lie.
    And so saving humanity by truth. Only one thing u have . The crucifiction is proven.
    The rest isfaith. Do you have faith to believe the guy ressurrected from the dead?in truth the proof is in the eyewitness accounts of the apostles.
    U believe he got crucified….

  105. Hypothesis …:
    the bible would only contain eyewitness accounts of those days and the god in the old testimony is a lie created by the jews in power. Satan, the word means in hebrew: ignorance of the world and the human individual, resisting against truth..anyexplanation like homophobia is explained by the way these people thought. It is outdated now.

  106. There was something that always bugged me about the bible an the people who believe it first the people are contradicting to the very thing they worship or the word in their world however the bible its supposed to have been from such a long time ago and yet the story is passed down so if I kept telling the story of why the chicken crossed the road then eventually it would be a book like honestly no one was around in those times an actually I feel the bible is exploited so people can make quick money

    • here it is in a nutshell!!!

      Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

      Case closed

  107. God not is a lie. God is a liar. And soon he will tell you truth, first time in history of this universe.

  108. If anyone wants to believe on anything, let him go, so long his/her belief doesn’t bother and/or harm anyone. If anyone want to believe to anyone and/or to all 370,000,000 gods, internet research enine’s known gods, okay, let him/her go, that his/her own freedom. What is wrong is, if believers ask you, and/or scare to embrace their belief is something different. Religious believers keep advocating their religious freedom, while they themselves, deny and/or non-believers own freedom.

  109. So glad I came here on this Christmas day to add my opinion. First I am pissed that my brian was brain washed in my childhood. As I have gone through my life I have lived in fear of a so called God. That old pie in the sky that sees all. What a bunch of crap.When I believed I prayed and nt one prayer answered. From the age of 10 to 13 I was sexually tortured and it was the worst and I remember that little girl grying out to God” Help me”! He never did. When I went to my Mother and said please make it stop or I will tell someone she promptly threw me out in the street. So there my life begins on the streets. God if he exsist and I know he DOES NOT sits by on a daily basis and lets all this go on? I now believe in logic. All this on this earth is in the hands of man and no one eles. People are so full of themselves they just can;t believe that they will not live forever.I am looking forward to going back to nothingness. It’s where we came from. We are not as special as we think.Another thing that is that believers say you have a choice to believe or not but,if you don’t you go to hell?I don’t see a choice.I see that long ago around the Roman age they needed something to keep the people in order so lets create a God. There were many back then.Just because,a lot of people think there is a God doesn not make it so.I will not waste one more day of the only life I get believeing in a God that just doesn’t exsist.I also wish that people would stop infecting the minds of the young with lies about Santa Claus and God!I wish religion was outlawed.Any relgion. They use ti make money.Those men who preach the lie are all a bunch of attention seekers.Look at me,look at me in my expensive suit and jewlery telling you how to live your life and if you don’t off to hell you go. How do people buy this crap.Educate yourselves on the history of religion and that BIBLE. Free yourself from the imaginary God and begin to live!
    special as we think we are. I feel free to accept and allow my thoughts to come to the front of my mind and to allow myself to think what I know. Religion of any kind is a cult. You must believe in a doctrine to belong and if you don’t believe what you are told to believe then there God throws you in a lake of fire? Come on people don’t you see?

    • Yes – I cannot think of a greater sin, for a baby to be born into a
      religious family and have its brain impregnated with ‘god is good’
      doctrine and be blatantly denied freedom of thought and have their
      destinies forced on them. You shocking people.

  110. One thing I have to say to the brain-washed idiots. You’re god is nothing but shit! its just some ugly title so you pricks can gain control us! There is a reason why people burns the churches! I’ve played Assassin’s Creed games, and it turns out the christians are templars!

  111. God is a way to explain what man doesn’t understand and a way to make sense out of death. Thunder in the sky means the gods are angry and rain for our crops when it is needed is a sign god is happy with us. If we just die what was the purpose of life? If there is no life after death what does it all mean? If we have no laws then there is no judgement on our actions. Even the old Greek Gods had laws and gave us a purpose. Man has been killing man in the name of God or Gods since the beginning of time. I’ve tried to find where the Devil was the cause of so much death but I can only find where God has caused death in his name or directly. The great flood and the killing of the first born male child, so his chosen people could leave to wonder the great desert.

    There are a lot of things I don’t believe in like, ghosts, monsters, aliens, and God(s). Sorry I take back the monsters because that is Man and only we can change that. We are our own worse enemy and greed is the alter that we worship at. I read it somewhere that 5% of all people see things for what they are and the some make up stories for the rest to follow along. No one knows the truth because no one comes back. The stories will keep coming and we will just keep drinking the Kool aid.

  112. God is a way to explain what man doesn’t understand and a way to make sense out of death. Thunder in the sky means the gods are angry and rain for our crops when it is needed is a sign god is happy with us. If we just die what was the purpose of life? If there is no life after death what does it all mean? If we have no laws then there is no judgement on our actions. Even the old Greek Gods had laws and gave us a purpose. Man has been killing man in the name of God or Gods since the beginning of time. I’ve tried to find where the Devil was the cause of so much death but I can only find where God has caused death in his name or directly. The great flood and the killing of the first born male child, so his chosen people could leave to wonder the great desert.

    There are a lot of things I don’t believe in like, ghosts, monsters, aliens, and God(s). Sorry I take back the monsters because that is Man and only we can change that. We are our own worse enemy and greed is the alter that we worship at. I read it somewhere that 5% of all people see things for what they are and some make up stories for the rest to follow along. No one knows the truth because no one comes back. The stories will keep coming and we will just keep drinking the Kool aid.

  113. There may not be a God, but something is up. Aliens? All these synchronicities, miracles, that God of the King James Bible is Aliens. Aliens.

    Aliens explain everything!

    But if not God, or aliens, that leaves humans.

  114. It is a waste of time debating the issue and going off at tangents to
    attempt to prove a point. ‘god’ was born in the mind through a thought
    and cannot exist out of the mind. What you determine from the thought is your destiny which will be stored in your sub-conscious.

    • What have ‘god’ The Pope, the Priests and Preachers done to make the Earth a better place on which to live over two millenium.
      I see only deterioration and wonder what they are doing and getting
      board and lodgings with stipends for the ‘not fit for purpose’ status.
      Are they playing a game of make believe which gives them a safe
      future. Politics and Religion are the main culprits of war.
      Heaven forbid. Edward Wilcock

  115. From an 100% aetheist. Were you born into a family of believers where your brain was impregnated with the ‘god is good’ dogma and
    denied freedom of thought and where your destiny was mapped out.
    If so, you are a prisoner in your own mind. The whole process is
    shameful and blatantly sinful. I feel sympahy for your plight.

  116. Billions of youngsters, raised in Religious families have their minds
    impregnated with the ‘god is good’ doctrine and denied thieir natural
    right to freedom of thought and choice and have their destinies
    designed for them. This is a downright selfish attitude and totally

  117. Is god real or is he like Santa a lie people tell just some made up story where is the real proof yes like most I hope there is a god but I don’t believe people anymore most lie so what is the real truth ??

  118. I don’t know if there is a God or not but what I do know I am tired of shit that don’t work fuck faith

  119. People say I lost faith and I say I lost faith in things that don’t work only thing I see working is me and life

  120. Well… This got heated fast. I was a Christian for, eh, about 13 years. I devoted myself to the holy spirit at age 7, and when I was 10, started to practice communion. If anyone can inform you that God is a lie, let me do so.

    I’ve heard many a Christian say that they have terrible lives because the Devil is attacking them, and other people have terrible lives because they aren’t Christians. When I believed in God, I also believed this.

    However, in recent years, I’ve come to find that the systematic brainwashing strung together by Churches, Mosques, and Temples is just that.

    Back last August, I renounced my faith and admitted that there was no God. It’s been a year since then, and let me tell you something.

    I’m happier now.

    I don’t feel strung down anymore by lies. I finally feel free.

    Earlier this year, I was finally able to muster the courage to come out to my friends, and let them know that not only am I attracted to both men and women, but I don’t regard myself as any gender. In May, my Depression started going away, and since, I have stopped cutting, and I no longer even want to. Admittedly, yes, my depression is still taking a dangerous toll on me, but much less than it was, even a year ago. I have found more outlets, which has helped- I often write songs that are about anti-brainwashing and freedom. I’m more mature, and I think I like my life better now.

    So no, God isn’t real. He would’ve abolished Satan and all his Demons the moment that Adam bit into that apple. Bill Gates, Steven Hawking, and even Robert Downey Jr. would have achieved their status through faith. I would be worse off, killing myself faster and faster, alongside everyone like me.

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