my doctor has the nerve

My doctor has the nerve to be 45 mins late after my 2 hour ride to his office how rude #panicplanet #baddoctor

this is definitely 1 video to watch

this is definitely one video to watch #panicplanet

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Raven Chad

What If Jesus Was A Drag Queen?

This is one of those videos that delves into a realm not traveled by most artists.  Taking a religious figure, (Jesus of all people); and transforming them into something completely outside the box of conventional thinking. 

Raven Chad poses the above question in this video dissertation of blending Jesus Christ and Transvestitism (better known as drag), resulting in a surprising and eye opening discovery.  What would Jesus look like as a Drag Queen?

Watch the complete video at:

If It’s Controversial…It’s Probably Here…

Infringing On A Person’s Right

I think America has to be careful when instituting certain laws…it could come back to bite you in the ass. When you start taking away one

person’s right(s) to serve your own views and beliefs, it’s only a matter of time before some other group come along and says…

“Well, it was okay to infringe on that person and/or group’s right(s), why can’t we infringe on yours too. 

This is an excerpt from another article I wrote.  Even as an excerpt, it still holds it’s own.

If It’s Controversial…It’s Probably Here…

Praying @ Starbucks

Praying @ Starbucks

So I see these 2 ladies praying at Starbucks and think…”Sure, let’s pray, right here in Starbucks, listening to classic rock and bent over in

our chairs”. I wonder if they were asking God to bless their Mocha’s or to give their caffeine an extra boost!

If It’s Controversial…It’s Probably Here…


“Cavalier” says the boy at Starbucks, I have no idea what he was talking about, but he is very cute. I would even bet money that the car

outside with the license plate that basically states that he is a “chick magnet”, is his…which must mean he is either very insecure or gay,

trying to hide behind the sports car announcing the fact that he is a stud. Such a big phrase for a guy like that. “I don’t want to be



If It’s Controversial…It’s Probably Here…